Time Sheet

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To check the tracked time of individual items, simply open the task details. To see the tracked time for the entire project, team, or a specific team member, open the Time Sheet report. Here, you can see all of the tracked time data in one place.

The Time Sheet report will show you:

  • The estimated time for each task
  • The time that was actually spent on it
  • And the difference between the two.

All of which will allow you to better understand whether the planning and estimations were accurate.

time tracking teamhood


You can use the predefined filters for the Time Sheet report. This way, you are specifying which data will be shown. To do so, use the menu at the very top. You can filter the data by – Date, Board, Row, Tag, and User.

This allows you to specify which data you will see in the report.

timesheet filter


There is also an ability to group the data in the Time Sheet report. Thus analyzing the same information from different perspectives. For this, use the lower menu. Here you can choose to group the data by: Item, User, Tag, Month, Week, or Board row.

This shows the same data from different perspectives.

Time sheet grouping
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