The workload report is best when it comes to planning and understanding how many hours of work are already planned and how much space there is remaining for each workspace member.

It indicates any overloads in red and shows the total hours used vs total available hours for all team members.

To make sure your items are visualized in the Workload report, they should have 3 things:

  1. A schedule or a due date
  2. An assignee
  3. A time estimate (Items without a time estimate will be shown, but will not be counted in the total hours of the day/week)
asana workload alterantive

Custom Work Hours

To make the Workload report more accurate, you can assign custom work hours to all the team members. To do so, click on the action menu next to the team member’s name. A dialog box will let you create a custom work schedule for each team member.

custom work hours

Customize Workload report

To further customize your Workload report, open the ‘Customize’ menu the top. Here you can change the item grouping, what is shown, and most importantly the scale of the Workload displayed on your screen.

workload zoom
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