Workspace Views

In each Teamhood workspace you can find or add views which will use workspace data to bring it into different perspective.


Works best for those in need of work item scheduling on calendar. In timeline view you can choose whether to group by row or by user. You will see all workspace boards in Timeline for a convenient total overview. Timeline also makes dependencies visible so is a great tool for recognizing future order of work.



Workload is the best when it comes to planning and understanding how many hours of work already planned and how much space there is remaining for each workspace member. You can configure each member to have a different amount of work hours per week, or per week day if necessary. You should use work item estimations in hours to make workload fully useful and gain perspective on people’s capacity.



Dashboard is the mission control center when it comes to visualizing and quickly checking on blocked, due or soon to be due work items. Dashboard also shows overall progress based on work items, as well as progress for each individual workspace member. You can further filter dashboard by board, user or tag to analyze specific areas of your workspace.


Time Sheet Report

If your team is using time tracking feature in Teamhood, you most definitely want to report that tracked time on various angles. Time sheet report can offer various grouping levels like by board, by member, by tag, by item, by week and by month. You can also filter it further by same properties to narrow down the data set. If you are using hourly time estimations on work items, report will show you the actual vs planned % differences.

time sheet report

Actionable Agile Metrics

Whether you know what is Agile or not, this report will bring you and your team a clear picture how good everyone is doing and what needs to be improved to keep things more efficient. Report is ideal for teams which work on iterative or monthly review basis. Actionable Agile Metrics report includes:

– Overall work progress

– How many items your team completes on time month by month

– What is the average age in progress for 70-nth, 80-nth and 95-nth percentiles of total work items.

– How much time does it take on average to complete 70-nth, 80-nth or 95-nth percentiles of total work items month by month

– How many new work items are created and completed month by month

– Actionable items which should be taken care of first to improve current month metrics: items blocked, items due and items aging in progress

actionable agile metrics


Files view is the one stop shop for all attached documents among workspace items. Works best when you somewhat know what file you are looking for but you are not sure where it is attached.

file view

Project Gantt

This view is available only for workspaces which are attached to portfolio project. Project Gantt covers all the boards at once for a complete portfolio overview. In other standalone project cases board Gantt view should be enough.

Teamhood portfolio view


This is the utility view for all workspaces where you can search and access archived items. You can also restore archived items from that same view.

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