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How does Teamhood help marketing teams perform better?

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Easily design plans for your strategic initiatives, campaigns or channels.
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Collaborate with your teams, allign all actions and easily adapt to market changes.
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Analyze campaign performance and improve. Track time of your teams and compare to estimations.

One solution for project managers, teams & freelancers

Team Task Boards

Choose from a variety of templates or customize your own board, to fit your project flow and processes best. Use separate boards for larger projects and rows for their phases. Each board is a fully featured Kanban system!

Team Tasks


Visualize your campaign plans and resource occupation. You can create new tasks straight on a timeline with just one click, add needed information, drag it according to required deadlines and add dependencies to other tasks.

timeline view


Keep all information related to each task in one place. The team will then be informed, keep track of the progress and remain engaged. In case of any issues check item backlog and track back every step related to a task.


Workload management

Accurate task estimations will enable the use of workload management. Balance your resources, avoid or crush bottlenecks and reach your goals on time. 

workload management

Time tracking and reporting

Open item to start working and launch the time tracker. Or log in the time spent. Compare to estimates and get insights for better planning in the future. 

time tracking

Hourly Rates & Cost Tracking

Define hourly rates for each collaborator, track time and see project costs in real time. Include sub-contractors in Teamhood, centralize their work data and make invoicing transparent.

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Why managers love Teamhood?


Thomas Miramond

Head of Preclinical


Great Agile tool for collaborative work and tasks management. Easy to track tasks, generate Gantt, follow the workload and monitor macro budget or metrics report. Reactive support and great overall service level.


Aqua Zumaraite

CX and Marketing Manager

As a tech startup, having a clear project management tool and plan is really important. Teamhood has helped us with our daily tasks, weekly catchups and most importantly transparency and productivity in the company.


Joe Ferris

Senior Software Manager


Teamhood delivers a more realtisic option for Companies that want to practice Agile ways of working. It captures the key elements of Agile and the fundamental elements of Kanban, visibility and communication methods.

Actionable Metrics

Teamhood analyzes your Team‘s activity data and provides actionable insights. You can spot the bottlenecks, possibilities to improve time to market, or balance your backlog.

agile metrics report agile metrics agile metrics

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