Important Updates to the Teamhood Subscription Plans

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Starting from next Wednesday, April 26th, we are introducing some changes to the Teamhood subscription plans.

Here is what you need to know:

Updated Attachment Storage Limitations

Starting from April 26th, we are updating Teamhood attachment storage limitations. Here are the updated attachment limits for all plans:

  • 100MB with the Free plan
  • 2GB with the Professional plan
  • 10GB with the Premium plan
  • Unlimited storage with the Ultimate and Enterprise plans

We want to encourage our users to optimize their files and keep only relevant project information in Teamhood. Allowing you to enjoy a smoother performance and focus on the work at hand.

Learn more about storage management in Teamhood.

Unlimited Users in the Free Plan

For the Free plan users, there is no more limit to the user count. This means you can add as many users to your free account as you want.

Invite all your team members to Teamhood to enjoy smoother and more effective collaboration.


How can I check my current storage capacity?

The storage capacity will be shown in the ‘Subscription’ settings in Teamhood once the limitations go into effect.

How do I delete files from Teamhood?

You can delete files by opening the task details. If you need to delete multiple files, see this post on storage management.

Can I buy more storage?

If you run out of storage, we suggest deleting old files or upgrading your plan to get more available storage. 

Is there really no user limit in the Free plan?

Yes. You can add as many users to your Free Teamhood account as you want.

If you have more questions about the upcoming changes.

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