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We are a team of highly professional product-first people who push the extra mile to make Teamhood a top choice collaboration system among complex knowledge workers.

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Building productivity solutions is my passion where the biggest reward is a happy user base. My evidence is the world famous brands who trust their projects to Teamhood.

Vidas Vasiliauskas

What’s life like behind the scenes?

As a company, we are remote first. We prefer visual thinking. We discuss and get involved in various business areas altogether. We love sharing hobbies and meeting in person outside of our daily work. We are a true teamhood.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

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This is the center of our company and crew. All of us contribute to product shape. The key drivers of product values are great end-user experience, flexibility, and visual representation.

  • We value a short learning cycle.
  • We improve a lot.
  • We release every two weeks.
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End users and customers

We are “use first, buy later” believers. Get to see if a product fits your teamwork, then adopt advanced features and become a valued customer hassle-free. This is why Teamhood has the most generous free plan and hefty trialing possibilities for all paid features.

Teamhood is used worldwide, from small family businesses to very large enterprises. That is a testament to flexibility as a core product value. People recognize Teamhood as an intuitive product, emphasizing ease of use.

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We will do our best to help you improve teamwork and productivity. That’s why Teamhood is highly rated for best-in-class end-user support.

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