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2019 - Present Co-founder and CEO @ Teamhood. 2015-2019 Head of software engineering department at Danske Bank. 2017-2018 Partner Associate Professor at Vilnius University. Lecturer of Software Architecture course 2011 - 2015 Managed numerous smaller IT teams at Prewise. Co-founder of RaveIT, Eylean, No Brakes Games Certified Agile product owner and practitioner. Managed large scale enterprise projects as well as launch of small startup products. MSc of Software Engineering at Vilnius University. Hobbies: Racing, MTB cycling, Windsurfing

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During summer we have been working hard so that you can save time every day with Teamhood productivity and feature enhancements. Here you will find a short list of the most nebeficial changes that will help you deliver work on time.


Slack Integration

Receive Teamhood notifications directly in Slack chat including links to Teamhood items. Read more on how to integrate Teamhood and Slack.

Teamhood Slack integration

Multiple actions

Ability to select multiple items and apply same action to all of them.

teamhood kanban multi select

Zapier Automations

Use Zapier no-code platform to quickly automate daily tasks between your favorite business tools and Teamhood.

Dependencies on Kanban cards

Dependencies are now visible on Kanban item cards to save you from checking item details window every time.

kanban dependencies

New import mapping wizard to support custom Excel sheets as items

Take your tasks from excel sheet as .csv and convert them in seconds with new Teamhood import wizard!

import wizard

Import from MS Project

Save time and load your project plan to Teamhood by importing MS Project .xml file.

New search workspace widget

Save time and find your recent items or quickly search workspace scope.

kanban board search

My Agenda widget V2

See today’s or upcoming item number in My Agenda widget, save the hassle of checking My Agenda page.

Kanban Agenda widget teamhood

Configurable dashboards

Customize and visualize your work data with flexible Teamhood dashboards

kanban dashboard

Planning and Execution

Burndown Chart

Track your project, sprint or overall task progress with this Agile tool.

kanban burndown chart teamhood

Roles and Access

Limited Collaborator Role

Works best for 3rd parties or people outside of team, which you still want to involve in current project or task list. Limited collaborators can see only items assigned to them. Also, limited collaborators can edit only specific data in item, like write comments, create child items or mark it completed/blocked. Perfect for control.


Localization for German and Lithuanian languages

Now every user can pick from three languages supported in Teamhood: English (US), German, and Lithuanian.

Ease of use and experience

  • Click calendar range to schedule items on Gantt
  • Save assignemnts in item templates
  • Export Boards and Gantt to .pdf
  • Dashboards
  • Performance improvements

Learn more on how to manage team productivity.

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