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Project Management Templates

Starting a new project often means having to generate new goals, processes, gathering a team as well as picking completely new tools to execute it all. This means more work, more uncertainty, and time spent figuring out which project management templates will fit your situation.

To help you move past this stage as quickly as possible, we have gathered the most popular project management templates available in Teamhood. All of them are fully modifiable and will be easy to adapt to any process. From task lists to workload management, we got your bases covered.

Prioritized task list template

See and compare all of your project tasks in one place with this project management template. Choose which of the information fields you need in this view and add new ones to mark any custom data, such as priorities. In the example below, you see a custom priority field with a dropdown menu that gives users the ability to quickly mark the priority of each work item.

Besides picking which fields are visible and using specific fields to sort the information, you can also filter the data. For example – see a specific period of time, specific team members, tags, or rows. Allowing easy list view navigation and information analysis even for the largest projects.

project management templates

Work breakdown structure template

Structure your work items to have more clarity on how they correspond to your goals. Teamhood allows multiple levels of parent-child relationships between its work items. This means you can break down your large business goals into specific tasks to be completed by the team.

One of the simplest ways to do so is in the List view. Where you can start out by writing out the main objectives and then break them down into initiatives and tasks. You can use work items to store all of this information or dedicate a row for each objective and then store the initiatives and tasks related to that goal in that row. This is what you will see in the project management template below.

project management template

Moreover, you can use the Gantt view to schedule all of these initiatives, and later the project team can use the Kanban view to execute them. Thus, creating a seamless process.

teamhood task dependencies

Gantt chart template with milestones

The Teamhood Gantt chart template has the traditional look of a Gantt chart – a list of work items on the left and a chart on the right.

The task list allows you to track an unlimited level of work items and their sub-tasks. You can visualize 2, 3, 4, or even more levels of items if that is something the complexity of your project requires. Moreover, you can expand or minimize them as needed, thus giving you full control of the chart’s complexity.

In the Gantt chart, you will see subtasks visualized under their parent items and will be able to draw dependencies to visualize other relationships. Switch this view to daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly to see the data you need.

Lastly, this is a Gantt chart template with milestones. This means you can turn any of the work items into milestones to mark specific events in your project. These items will have a special marking in both list and Gantt, allowing you to distinguish them quickly.

gantt chart template with milestones

Multi-project gantt chart template

The Multi-project Gantt template allows you to align several projects running in the same company. You will find it under the name of Portfolio.

Here, you can check the plans for all the projects happening in your company at once. See their start and due dates as well as how much overlap they have. If you need to adjust any details, simply click on the project name and you will be taken to that project’s Gantt chart. Here you can edit and adjust any information.

project management template

Multiple project dashboard template

In Teamhood you can build any number of custom Dashboards to report on your progress. The multiple project dashboard template is one of the most popular choices.

Here, you can track the progress of multiple projects or teams in one place. By using various widgets, you can report on the progress, budget, and status of each project in your workspace. Add item lists to keep track of what is being done and even embed information from other sources to create a hub of information for your team.

Multiple project dashboard template

Employee workload template

Easily manage the workload of your team with this project management template.

Here, you can set specific schedules for each of your team members, meaning you will be able to schedule work with confidence. Moreover, the employee workload template gathers data from all of the task boards in the same workspace, so you always see the full picture of how busy the people on your team are. Lastly, if you need more specific data, you can use filters to narrow the information down.

See more in our workload management guide.

asana workload alterantive

More project management templates

These are just some of the project management templates you will find in Teamhood. Check out our project management resources to find more information on project management or see more information on the capabilities of Teamhood.

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