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Project management software

How Teamhood helps to deliver successful projects?

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Engage Teams

Provide your teams full visibility of your projects plans.
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Deliver on time

Prevent delays. Precisely manage workloads.
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Adapt to changes

Use visual tools to support agile culture and methods.

One solution for your business mission control

Gantt Charts
Team task boards
Operational details
Team Collaboration
Workload management
Project Gantt charts
Easily create new projects in a common Gantt chart, divide them into phases, assign tasks for your team to perform.
Team task boards
Choose from a variety of templates or customize your own board, to fit your project flow and processes best. Use separate boards for larger projects and rows for their phases. 
Operational details
Keep all the relevant data in the item card like: customer request notes and comments,  files of drawings and calculations, tags for customers or any other categories relevant
Assign items to your colleagues and add watchers. Always stay on track with your assignments. Comment and discuss all the issues within the item card.
Workload management
Assign items to your colleagues and add watchers. Always stay on track with your assignments. Comment and discuss all the issues within the item card.

Benefiting from our products

Standardize your project work across organization

Standardize your process
Create item templates
Make assignments transparent
Centralize project information
One tool for cross-teams
Standartize your process
 Easily configure Kanban boards to meet your industry needs or process stages.  
Create Item templates
Create the most common work item templates for the team to choose from. You will save time and ensure business process standards are met. 
Make assignments transparent
Vizualize child item execution in Kanban „sub-process“ to keep your team on track until things get done. 
Centralize information
Keep all information related to the project and it‘s activities in Teamhood. Attach files, create notes, leave comments.
Project Gantt charts
Project portfolio and team boards are connected in Teamhood. Task assigned to a functional team will be tracked both in project Gantt and in team board.

Agile Metrics

Teamhood analyzes your team‘s activity data and provides actionable insights. You can spot the bottlenecks, possibilites to improve time to market, or balance your backlog. Agile metrics for your team are like fitness metrics for your body. They show historic performance intensity and also give insights to potential capabilities. Just like a professional marathon runner can predict precisely his race finish time, so agile organization can precisely predict it’s delivery terms.

Agile metrics

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