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ClickUp vs Trello vs Teamhood: Which Tool Is Perfect For You (2024)

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Looking to see which of these 3 popular tools is right for you? We got you covered with a comparison of ClickUp vs Trello vs Teamhood.

The comparison is structured into clear categories, allowing you to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each tool. Without further ado, let’s begin.

ClickUp vs Trello vs Teamhood: Overview

Before we dive into the features each tool offers, let’s get familiar with how each solution introduces itself.

ClickUp is a productivity platform for teams to plan and execute work.

Trello is a visual team collaboration tool that allows reviewing daily progress.

Teamhood is a Kanban project management tool for high-performing teams.

So, it seems all 3 tools are team-centric and provide the features needed to manage work. Here is how each of them looks in different categories.

ClickUp vs Trello vs Teamhood: Kanban

Visualizing the process and tasks is one of the growing trends for teams. This is why we are looking at Kanban (or visualization) features first.

task management

ClickUp allows you to create a Kanban board view with several statuses. You are then able to change item statuses by dragging task cards from one column to the next. This is a simple Kanban application that allows you to visualize the process but lacks Kanban implementation.

Trello gives you a very similar set of features except here Kanban is the main view instead of a list. Here again, you will be able to create a simple Kanban board but will be limited in terms of other Kanban features like swimlanes or WIP limits.

Teamhood is a clear choice for those looking for a Kanban solution. You will be able to personalize the board with swimlanes, secondary statuses, WIP limits, and track results in Kanban reports. With a flexible board, this tool allows you to choose how and which Agile practice to implement.

Kanban Board
Kanban Swimlanes
WIP Limits
Commitment Points
Lead & Cycle Time
Actionable Agile Metrics
AI Estimations
Synced Cards

ClickUp vs Trello vs Teamhood: Collaboration

Next up, collaboration. Since the 3 tools talk about teams, this is one of the key aspects they should provide.

teamhood version 1.42

ClickUp has a good set of collaboration features for teams to enjoy. Commenting, notifications, team roles, calendar, and workload views – all help the team to communicate and collaborate on projects more efficiently. This is everything you would normally expect from a collaboration tool.

Trello offers fewer features, however, still covers the basis for collaboration. What you may miss with this tool is the workload view, which allows you to see how busy your team members are.

Teamhood serves the most collaboration features out of the 3. You will find all the basics as well as custom work hours and hourly rates, which are useful for those wanting to track the budget. You will also be able to create tasks straight from your mailbox and apply auto-estimations to the newly created tasks.

Comments & Mentions
Team Roles
Guest Users
Calendar View
Workload View
Custom Work Hours & Hourly Rate
Board Mailboxes

ClickUp vs Trello vs Teamhood: Task Management

To work as a team, you will also need task management features. Allowing you to expand and manage the information available.

clickup vs trello

ClickUp will give you everything you need in terms of task management. Child tasks, assignments, due dates, recurrences, dependencies, and more. Your team will have everything they need to create and manage tasks effectively.

Trello is the weakest out of the 3 in terms of task management features. However, it can still cover all the basics through both – built-in and PowerUp features. Even though the feature list is not as long, it will still nicely serve the needs of a smaller team.

Teamhood is another great choice if you are looking for an extensive task management feature list. Just like ClickUp, it offers a large number of basic and advanced features to choose from. Some examples are – mass actions or linked copies of items available on multiple task boards.

Child Tasks
Task Assignments
Task Watchers
Due Dates
Recurring Tasks
Task Templates
Synchronized Copies
Timeline View
Workload View

ClickUp vs Trello vs Teamhood: Project Management

Moving onto project management, here is how the three tools compare with the bigger scale features.

wrike vs trello

ClickUp is well versed in project management features. You will see Gantt charts, a timeline view, portfolio overview, time tracking, automated reports, and more. This is a tool that will serve well on both team and project management levels.

Trello offers a few of the popular project management features, however, the list is not as extensive. You will find most of the essentials available only through Power-Ups. However, for those running larger projects and teams, this list will become limiting very quick.

Teamhood is another great option for those looking to manage projects. A full set of features from Gantt charts with a baseline to cost and earned value management. This tool will allow you to run small to mid-sized projects conveniently.

Gantt Chart
Baseline & Baseline Comparison
Portfolio Overview
Timeline View
Project Templates
Time Tracking
Budget & Cost Tracking
Custom Dashboards
Automated Reporting
Earned Value Management
Dependency Auto-Rescheduling✅ (ClickApp)

ClickUp vs Trello vs Teamhood: Information Management

In most cases, it is important to have a tool that stores both – your project tasks and additional information. Let’s see what these 3 options have to offer in terms of information management.

clickup vs trello

ClickUp will allow you to add any project information right to the task board. You are able to attach files or create documents right in the tool. Making sharing and editing information between team members that much easier.

Trello task boards do not have Wiki-style pages but will let you attach important files to tasks. So, even though you are not able to create and edit documents within this tool, you can still easily share them with your team.

Teamhood is very similar to ClickUp, as you can create and even categorize Pages -right in the workspace. So, anything you want to keep close or simply note down for the team can be easily accessible.

Wiki Pages/Documents
File Sharing
Idea Management
Document Classification

ClickUp vs Trello vs Teamhood: Pricing

All three options offer a free version, while you can see the starting prices for business plans below. To see the full pricing of each tool, follow the links.

Free version✅ Unlimited users
Business Plans Starting From$5 per user/month$5 per user/month$9 per user/month

ClickUp vs Trello vs Teamhood: Suitability for Business

As we have reviewed the 3 tools based on different categories, let’s finalize this comparison by saying which business case each serves best.

ClickUp is a great tool for small to medium size teams that want to collaborate on their work and track results. It has a large list of task and project management features that will satisfy most needs.

Trello is aimed at smaller teams or efforts and it thrives in this environment. If you need something simple to visualize and track your team’s efforts, this is the way to go.

Teamhood is a tool for small to medium size teams that want to implement Kanban. it has great visualization and reporting features as well as a nice integration of traditional and Agile project management.

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