Email Integration for Project Management Tools

email integration for project management

Email is still perhaps the most common method of communication for teams when reaching out to stakeholders in the business, or to clients. However, this can create a challenge. Switching between emails and task boards – or, worse, trying to copy information from email requests into tasks on your boards – can end up being very time-consuming. It’s also not uncommon for information to be copied incorrectly, leading to the potential for mistakes, or using more time to double-check and correct any errors. 

By using some form of email integration with your project management software, you can avoid many of these problems, save valuable time, and concentrate on the project itself rather than administration. This short article will explain what email integration is in the context of project management software. It will outline some of the benefits, before showing how to use email integration features within Teamhood.   

What is email integration in project management software?

Email integration is when you are able to connect email accounts with your project management software, for the purpose of sharing and tracking information and messages related to your project, without forcing everyone to communicate directly through your project management software itself. 

This integration allows you to manage projects from your email inbox, and to communicate via email from your project management tool. This way, you can create and assign tasks from your email that show up automatically in your project management tool. 

Benefits of using the email integration

There are several potential benefits of integrating email with your project management software, including:

  • Email integration can save you time going outside of your project management software to check project updates. It helps speed up the process of creating and updating tasks, as well as replying to your colleagues directly.
  • You can save and store all relevant email messages under the appropriate tasks, making them easier to search and reference if needed.
  • You can maintain easy and efficient communication with relevant stakeholders via multiple email providers without forcing them to use a single, centralized comms tool that they don’t know or setting up a specific email address for them.
  • It’s convenient for most business users, both internal and external. 
  • It helps ensure that vital information is tracked by project and task automatically and doesn’t get lost.
  • Using Teamhood, you can send emails directly to a specific task board this way automatically creating a new task.
  • Using Teamhood’s integration, you can convert email work requests directly into tasks without manually copying information between systems, thus saving time and avoiding the risk of errors. 

How and why to use the Teamhood board mailbox 

  • Create new tasks straight from your inbox

When your team receives work requests via email, or if you have received an urgent task via email, simply forward that email to your Teamhood board mailbox. The tool will convert the subject line, body text, and attachments in that email into a new item.

email integration
  • Auto-assign new tasks/items

You can also assign tasks to team members in Teamhood by adding them as CC recipients of the email. If that team member’s email address is the same as their Teamhood user email, they are auto-assigned to the item.  

  • Integrate with external stakeholders

To allow external stakeholders, suppliers, etc., to communicate with your team in Teamhood via email, it’s simple. Navigate to the workspace settings and enable the feature ‘Allow anyone to send emails to boards’. 

Copy the board mailbox by opening the Action menu next to the task board’s name and share with those you want to allow to integrate their email with your boards. They will be able to gain access. 

email to task

Ready to start using email integration in your projects?

Email integration is a great way of making your internal and external communications more efficient, transparent, and fully traceable. Now that you have a good understanding of how to use this feature in Teamhood, and the potential benefits of doing so, take a look at our project management use case to explore more of the benefits of using Teamhood for your projects: 

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