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How to have Fun instead of F*** in Project Management

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As we end the year, why not wrap it up with a good laugh at some quirky project management moments?

Our venture led us to find some hilarious project manager quotes, and let’s just say, we hit the jackpot. The lighter side of professional life, celebrating the moments that make us chuckle, smile, and occasionally question the sanity of our PM efforts.

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Top PMs Quotes in 2023

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Desk Dilemma

I don’t have budget for fun.


Project Apocalypse

I had a large project I’ve been working on for 8 mos completely implode this week; pulled up stakes and walked from the deal. I think I’ve laughed more with my colleagues this week figuring out how to unwind this fustercluck than I ever have before.

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Turning Work into a Contact Sport

I treat my projects like sport. Use sport terminology. Pregame/postgame analysis. Assign a “hype man” on the team. Win/loss records on planned weekly accomplishments. Insensitivity towards course language.


The F word

The F in Project Management stands for Fun.


PM Rookie Chronicles

As a new PM I play the game: ‘Try Not to Screw Things Up and Add Time to Everyone’s Tasks’.


Quantitative Quirk Quorum

I use chatgpt to come up with quirky meeting names. Instead of KPI review:

“Peak Performance Pow-Wow” “KPI Kaleidoscope” “Metrics Mania Meetup” “Data Dive Delight” “Number Cruncher’s Carnival” “Insight Fiesta” “The Goal-Getters Gathering” “Performance Pulse Party” “The Achiever’s Assembly” “Success-o-Scope Session”

Little things make life a bit more fun.


Dumpster fire gif in Teams chat for project status


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Project LOL Blueprint

Create the plan.
Everyone will be laughing their heads off.


Silly Emails + Bear Fights = ?

I’m often described as someone who brings fun to projects, but I’d say the work itself is fun, the people are fun, and doing a great job is fun. All the pieces are there if you don’t pretend it’s all boring.

Writing emails together can be collaborative and a little silly if you wanna sneak in a joke. I like using dead air in meetings to ask stupid questions.

A member of my team apologized for being slow on their work due to a serious hand injury from stumbling over their kids toys. Every time I referenced it I changed the reason to increasingly absurd encounters where he fought off bears or was in a street brawl to make it sound cooler.

It’s just about not taking yourself too seriously and the fun will present itself. I wouldn’t be in this job if I couldn’t have fun.


WFH’s Bliss

I really enjoy how close the bathroom is in WFH.


Kanyarat Nuchangpuek
Kanyarat Nuchangpuek, Ling App

A Project Management Paradox

If everything is going exactly as planned, you obviously don’t understand the project.

Khunshan Ahmad
Khunshan Ahmad, EvolveDash Inc,

Quantity Over Quality

The project manager is the person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in one month.

Andy Kolodgie 
Andy Kolodgie, Sell My House Fast 

Final milestone

Once PM posted on LinkedIn: “When I die,I want my developer to carry my coffin so that they can put me down one last time”.
One of developers commented :”For the first time, you have mentioned the requirements clearly”.

Up Next

So there you have it. In wrapping up our exploration of Project managers and their quirks, we hope you had fun. If you’ve got an extra dash of saltiness to share, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email—we’d love to spice up this post even more.

For the upcoming festive season, we wish you even more joy and, of course, the occasional project manager anecdote. Here’s to a season as merry and bright as a project manager’s optimistic Gantt chart 🥂

Happy festive season from Teamhood!

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