Project Management Radar 2021

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Since the start of global remote work, a lot has changed and various trends have accelerated in Project Management space. Hence, we at Teamhood, during summer of 2021 have surveyed project managers to investigate how things have changed and which new trends have emerged.

What is project management radar?

Project management radar is a yearly assesment and report of the key areas related to Project Management. It can be used by experienced project managers to look into trends as well as yet to be project managers to better understand what matters the most in their profession. We chose a form of radar to provide a 360 degree overview around the context of Project management.

We have targeted a broad range of industries to offer a more generic overview instead of a niche one.

Key Areas analyzed in the report:

  • Most valued PM Skills
  • Most used PM Practices
  • Most popular PM Tools
  • Current PM trends
  • Future PM trends

Disclaimer: some practices can be treated as tools and vice versa, which can make things ambiguous. We emphasize the importance of context here to differentiate practices from tools.

Below we provide a radar image with options that made the top3. To learn more about each area and see survey participant demographics download a full project management radar report.


Project Management Radar

List of presented options is not a full list. Options with low vote count did not make the final report. We aim to focus only on the top picks here. If an option is closer to the center of radar – it was treated as more important or more popular by the participants. If an option is on the outter ring of radar it is less popular but still important because ranked as TOP-3.

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What is Teamhood?

Teamhood is a project management software for remote collaboration between project managers and everyone involved. We at Teamhood aim to balance professional features with ease of use. We believe that software must allow a larger group of people to benefit from a single solution. Teamhood replaces multiple tools such as MS Project, MS Planner, Workload Tracker, Time Tracker, Asana, Wrike and similar.

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