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The top 3 Secret Teamhood Features

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teamhood secret features

Whether you are already a pro at using Teamhood or have just joined our ranks, it is always fun to learn about secret Teamhood features. Here are 3 of our favorites that will without a doubt help you get things done quicker and easier.

Are you ready to learn? Let’s dive in!

1. Use ‘ctrl + v’ to attach images or files

Filling out work item details is important as it helps your team to know exactly what has to be done and when. But did you know, you could use the ‘ctrl + v’ function to quickly attach images or files from your clipboard? Well now you do!

Take advantage of this secret Teamhood feature to attach images and files from your clipboard into work item details. This makes it easy to share important information with your team. The best part is, you don’t even need to save files like screenshots to your computer. Instead, copy them to your clipboard and attach (paste) them right into work item details. The information will be there for the whole team to see and discuss.

You can also use drag and drop or the button to upload your files.


2. Share task board by pasting a link

The second secret Teamhood feature is all about sharing. Most of our work is done within a team and if you are using Teamhood inviting team members to different task boards is easy. However, as most of us have to work with clients and outside partners sharing project information with them may be needed as well. To make this situation easier, Teamhood has a feature that allows you to share task boards with anyone by copying a link.

To do this, navigate to the left side menu and find the task board you would like to share. Hover over its name and open the quick menu. Here you will see the option to ‘Share’ or to ‘Copy link’ if the board is already being shared. Press on one of these options and a link will be copied to your clipboard. All you have to do now is share (paste) this link with anyone outside of your team. They will be able to see view the task board and understand the process better.

Do not worry, this does not let the outside parties make any changes or edits.

share views

3. Code highlighting

The last of our secret Teamhood features is especially useful for those working with software development. Did you know that if you paste code into work item description, it will be recognized and highlighted?

So if you need to share, discuss, or rework a piece of code, Teamhood work item details is a great place to do it. Copy the section and paste it into the description, if the code is not immediately recognized, make sure to mark it as code from rich text menu and you will be good to go!

More Teamhood features

Those were the 3 secret Teamhood features we think you should check out. However, those are definitely not the only features we recommend you use. Teamhood is updated on a regular basis and new features like Portfolio management, adding tasks through e-mail, moving work items between workspaces and many more have just been added. You can find all of them in the latest release notes or review the full list on our Features page.

portfolio report

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