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Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood: 5 Crucial Things You Should Know (2024)

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Finding the right work management solution for your team can be tough. To help you out, we have reviewed and compared 3 popular tools used by other teams. Continue reading to learn the differences and strengths between Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood.

Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood: Overview

To kick off this comparison, let us look at how each of these solutions presents itself.

Smartsheet is an enterprise work management tool for large teams or projects.

Asana is a work management tool for teams looking to collaborate on their projects.

Teamhood is a kanban-first project management tool for high-performing teams.

As you can see, all three solutions are created to help you manage work and ensure your efforts become a success. To learn more about each, let’s look at their features divided into specific categories.

Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood: Kanban

The first category in this comparison is the Kanban board and its features available in each tool. Kanban and work visualization is a growing trend amongst many teams, thus having an efficient Kanban board is a big advantage.


Smartsheet is equipped with a limited Kanban board that will let you visualize tasks according to their status. This allows you to see your progress and update the information by moving tasks from one column to the next as it gets worked on.

Asana is very similar in terms of its Kanban board capabilities. The task board can be modified with different statuses (columns). However, it provides more visualization of information by displaying color coding and attachment previews. Yet, it lacks a lot of functionality as a proper Kanban system.

Teamhood is the most capable Kanban tool out of the three. The task board can be customized using statuses, sub-statuses, and swimlanes. You can limit the Work In Progress (WIP), mark commitment points, and analyze lead and cycle time in automated reports. Making Teamhood a true Kanban solution.

Kanban Board
Kanban Swimlanes
WIP Limits
WIP Limits for Swimlanes
Commitment Points
Lead & Cycle Time
Agile Metrics
Synced Cards

Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood: Collaboration

The next category in this comparison is all about collaboration possibilities. Let’s see how these tools can help teams work together.

Teamhood kanban task

Smartsheet allows you to communicate with the team members through comments, provides notifications on your tasks, and manages permissions to the information through team roles. You are also able to add guest users and visualize all the tasks in a calendar view to get a sense of the coming plans.

Asana is very similar to Smartsheet in terms of collaboration features. Besides what was already mentioned, in this tool, you will also find the possibility to create a workload view. Making it easier to see how busy each of your team members is and rearrange assignments when needed.

Teamhood brings in a few more additions to the collaboration feature set. By using this solution, you will also be able to specify available work hours and hourly rates for each of your team members. Which allows for more accurate billing and planning. Moreover, a handy email integration gives you an opportunity to send emails to create new tasks on your boards.

Comments & Mentions
Team Roles
Guest Users
Calendar View
Workload View
Custom Work Hours & Hourly Rate
Board Mailboxes

Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood: Task Management

The third category for this comparison is task management. Here is what you can expect from the 3 solutions.

synced copy item

Smartsheet allows teams to create tasks and subtasks, assign multiple team members to a single item, add in due dates, and mark dependencies and tags. For those managing large amounts of information, there is an ability to perform bulk actions on multiple items. Making the task information updates quicker.

Asana has a similar set of features, however, is limited to 1 level of subtasks. Which may become an issue when working with more complex projects. In terms of task management, you can also set recurring tasks, making it easier to repeat work on a regular basis without additional effort.

Teamhood task management features also include task watchers, task templates, and synced copies. Allowing you to track task progress even if it is not assigned to you, create tasks more quickly, and have identical synced task copies on several boards at once. Making task management more effective.

Child Tasks1 level
Task Assignments
Multiple Task Assignees
Task Watchers
Due Dates
Recurring Tasks
Task Templates
Bulk Actions
Synchronized Copies
Timeline View
Workload View

Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood: Project Management

The next category of features to compare is the most hefty as it discusses everything related to effective project management.

boards portfolio overview

Smartsheet is an enterprise solution and it shows when looking at the project management features available. Here you will find Gantt charts with baseline, portfolio overview, budget tracking, and automated reporting. Giving you what is needed to manage large efforts and keep track of their progress.

Asana carries fewer project management features. Here you will find a Gantt chart without a baseline, timeline view, time, and cost tracking. There are also automated reports to help the team analyze what is being done and how to improve their efforts.

Teamhood is very similar to Smartsheet, however, it adds in a few new features for the project managers. Here you can set up Earned value management tracking to see the status of several projects at once. Moreover, you can enable dependency auto-rescheduling. Which means if a predecessor item’s schedule changes, all the dependent item’s schedules will be adjusted automatically.

Gantt Chart
Baseline & Baseline Comparison
Portfolio Overview
Timeline View
Project Templates
Time Tracking
Budget & Cost Tracking
Custom Dashboards
Automated Reporting
Earned Value Management
Dependency Auto-Rescheduling

Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood: Information Management

The fifth and last category in this comparison is the ability to manage information right within each solution.

Table Pages

Smartsheet will allow you to create and sign documents without leaving the tool. Use the document builder to create new items and send them out for signatures.

Asana will give you an opportunity to attach files to items and display their preview on the Kanban board. You will also be able to track and manage the team’s ideas in one place.

Teamhood is equipped with a Pages feature that allows you to create wiki-style documents right in your workspace. You can add tables, images, and links which makes information sharing easy and accessible for the whole team.

Wiki Pages/Documents
File Sharing
Idea Management
Document Classification

Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood: Pricing

Asana and Teamhood offer a free version of the tool, while the base business plan pricing is displayed below. You can see more detailed pricing by following the links.

Free version✅ Unlimited users
Business Plans Starting From$25 per month$10.99 per user/month$9 per user/month

Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood: Suitability for Business

As we reviewed all the categories in this comparison of Smartsheet vs Asana vs Teamhood, let’s finalize the suitability of each tool for a specific team size.

Smartsheet will be best suited for those looking to manage an enterprise-sized business. It carries plenty of project management and analysis features that will aid in tracking large efforts and analyzing results.

Asana will be a good choice for medium-enterprise businesses. The feature set in this solution allows for tracking larger projects and efforts as well as daily tasks of the team.

Teamhood will be a good fit for small to medium-sized businesses. Compared to the other tools, here you will find the most comprehensive Kanban feature set. That will allow you to visualize your efforts and track them in the most efficient way.

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