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18 Best Task Management Tools in 2024

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task management tools

Task management is a process that describes creating, prioritizing, assigning, scheduling, managing and completing tasks. This is one part of a larger project management process. Most teams use task management tools to make this process smoother and more effective.

To make sure your path in choosing the best task management tool is easy, we have gathered our top picks. You can see all of the tools in the comparison table below and quickly weigh their features. Want more information? Navigate to the tool descriptions below and see what each of them offers.

Comparison of the best task management tools

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Recurring tasks
Task dependencies
Task templates
Kanban board
Gantt chart
Time tracking
Workload management

What is task management?

To put it shortly, task management is a process of managing tasks. This includes planning, scheduling, assigning to team members, tracking, and reviewing the process. To make sure, their efforts are effective, teams use a variety of tools for this process – Kanban boards, Gantt charts, workload management, time tracking, and more.

Task management practices help teams become more focused, efficient, and organized. All of this is due to the fact that tasks are clearly planned, assigned, prioritized, and completed.

Task management tools

The simplest way to manage your tasks is by using pen and paper. This works great for personal to-do lists or very small teams. However, you will run into problems having to manage several team members or more complex processes. This is why most people use task management tools.

With features like task prioritization, recurrences, subtasks, notifications, dependencies, and more, they help you keep track of everything. Let’s see the best task management tools on the market today.

1. Teamhood

teamhood version 1.24

Teamhood is a visual project management tool for high-performing teams. It is a powerful platform that keeps the interface simple and very easy to use.

With Teamhood you can easily choose how to manage your tasks:

  • Use the Gantt view for planning and monitoring the total progress.
  • Kanban view for execution, task prioritization, and collaboration.
  • List view to understand the full scope of work ahead.
  • If you estimate the time needed for each task, the workload view will show you how busy each of your team members is.
  • While the time-tracking reports and custom dashboards will allow you to keep track of the progress being made.
  • Lastly, various collaboration features will let you enjoy asynchronous communication and quicker progress.

Lacks integrations. For now, Teamhood has limited integration capabilities.

Price: Free for unlimited users.


2. Trello

free task management tools

Trello is one of the most well-known free task management tools on the market. And that is due to a sleek design and easy task management for small teams. It offers everything you need for a small project or personal task management.

Lacks more advanced features that are needed for larger projects and requires integrations to get those.

Price: Free for the basic package, starting at $5 per user/month for the business packages.


3. Asana

task management tools

Asana is another great option for a simple task management tool. You will be able to collaborate with your team, set rules on task execution, and monitor progress in a visual and simple interface the tool offers.

Lacks more advanced features like a built-in Gantt chart, time tracking, and recurring tasks.

Price: Free for personal use, starting at $12 per user/month for businesses.


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4. TeamWork

best task management app

TeamWork is a team task management tool focused on budgeting and tracking billable time. Besides the collaboration features, it offers you a way to set and manage budgets for the tasks.


Price: free base version, more features starting at $10 user/month.


5. Todoist

best task management apps

Todoist is one of the best task management apps. It offers a simple, yet fully-featured interface that allows you to track and manage tasks on the go. Use it for personal tasks or small team projects that require collaboration.

Lacks more advanced project management features like workload, Gantt chart, reporting. Thus, it is better suited for personal use or small teams.

Price: Free for a basic package, starting at $3 for more advanced features.


6. ClickUp

task management tools

ClickUp is a well-known project management tool that carries various task management features. You will be able to visualize tasks, prioritize them, divide them into subtasks, and more.


Price: Free for personal use, starting at $5 user/month for teams.


7. ProofHub

task management app

ProofHub is another online task management tool that offers visual and collaboration features. This option will be especially fun for those that like working with a calendar view in hand.


Price: Starts at $89 per month.


8. Anydo

task management software is a powerful task management app that allows you to stay on the go. Quickly see what you have going on in the next couple of days and organize your tasks on a calendar.

Lacks functionality in the free version and more advanced features to manage a larger team. So it is best suited for small teams or personal use.

Price: Starting at $4.49 user/month.


9. nTask

free task management tools

nTask is a flexible free task management tool that offers easy collaboration for small and medium teams. You will be able to plan, assign, and monitor the tasks of the project, as well as collaborate with your team or work alone.

Lacks task visualization on a Kanban board. nTask has only a list view, which can be limited to more advanced users.

Price: Free for personal use, starting at $3 user/month for businesses.


10. Infinity

task management tools

Infinity is a task management tool that will be a great fit for marketing and sales teams. With multiple views and progress tracking it allows you to plan and execute all the activities easily. On top of that it offers features such as copying in blog posts texts, voting on items, and more.

Lacks some of the more traditional project management features like task dependencies, recurring tasks, and workload management.

Price: $149 for 5 users.


11. Taskque

task management tools

Taskque is another great option for a task management solution. It offers task visualization and team collaboration for small to medium teams. An exceptional feature you will find in this tool is the discussion minutes which can be registered in the tool itself.

Lacks task prioritizations, time tracking, workload management.

Price: Free for the basic package, $5 per user/month for the business package.


12. Flow

task management sotfware

Flow is another good option for task management software. You will be able to plan out the teams’ tasks and visualize them in List, Kanban, and Calendar views. To help sort through different projects, you can use color-coding.

Lacks customizable reporting and a traditional Gantt chart.

Price: Starting at $6 per user/month.


13. Nifty

task management tools

Nifty is a task management tool that is structured as a communication hub. It tries to connect everything from a project into one place to ease sharing and collaboration. Using a variety of integrations, this tool allows you to manage tasks from one place.

Lacks clarity. Nifty is great for small projects but will become cluttered fast if you try to manage larger affairs.

Price: Free for the basic package, starting at $39 per month for 10 users for business features.


14. Hitask

task management app

This task management solution is heavily focused on tasks and the team which is working on them. See how your tasks look in a calendar and collaborate with your team by dragging tasks on their name to assign them.

Lacks visualization. There is no Kanban board or Gantt chart available meaning you have to manage tasks in list view only.

Price: Free for the basic package, starting at $5 per user/month for business plans.


15. Quire

task management app

Quire is a task management tool that allows several levels of tasks. This is especially helpful for more complicated projects where teams need to divide their actions into specific steps.

Lacks reporting, task dependency management, and communication features.

Price: Free for the basic package, starting at $9 for professional packages.


16. Accelo

task management software

Accelo is a project management software that also focuses on tasks. This system is more complicated and aims to serve the team in budget and sales management as well as controlling the task flow.

Lacks simplicity. Accelo is a powerful tool, however, it feels complicated from the first look and not as easy to start as others on this list.

Price: Starting at $24 per user/month.


17. Airtable

task management app

Airtable is one of the best task management tools for those that like to do everything themselves. It is similar to an excel sheet in a way that you are free to create anything you want. However, you have to be wary of how much time this will take and keep your priorities straight.

Lacks ease of use. In order to create the perfect system, you will need some general ideas and knowledge.

Price: Free for the basic package, starting at $10 per user/month for advanced features.


18. Taskworld

free task management tools

Taskworld is a great task management app for those that like Trello, but want a few more features. You will be able to visualize tasks on Kanban boards and track their progress together with the team. Taskworld also has a built-in time tracking feature so that you will not need an integration.

Lacks scalability. Just like Trello, this tool is best suited for personal use or small teams. As it lacks scalability and features for larger projects.

Price: Free for the basic package, starting at $8 for professional plans.


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