Teamhood Release Notes

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1.9 portfolio

Teamhood version 1.9

Introducing Project Portfolio for easy executive-level planning for multiple workspaces and teams. The newest release notes also cover item count in column headers, workspace avatar icon and color editing, customization of work hours in Workload, item details in Archive, new side menu, and increased comment symbol limit

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Teamhood version 1.8

Quickly find your favorite boards and reports, archive tasks, share task board views with people outside of your team, find syntax highlighting in task details, and experience the improved timesheet export in the latest Teamhood release notes.

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Set start date recurrence

Teamhood version 1.7

Manage e-mail notification settings, set recurrence for the item start date to see it recur in Timeline, and quickly check the item recurrence type in item details.

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Teamhood work item blocked

Teamhood version 1.6

Updated work item details bring a more concise and navigatable view to Teamhood users. You can also block and clone work items to gain more control of the process as well as preview attached images, and get more detailed Timesheet export data.

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Teamhood version 1.5

The new Teamhood release comes with item watchers, quick action menu on item cards, full user name on avatar hover, additional recurrence setting and new templates for furniture manufacturing.

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Teamhood comment mention

Teamhood version 1.4

Introducing team member mentions in comments, Esc hot key to close the active work item details and various performance and resilience improvements.

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Teamhood task recurrence monthly 2

Teamhood version 1.3

Introducing Recurring tasks that can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Workload view for easy team task assignment and management and Personal tasks workspace template to gain more clarity into personal tasks.

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Teamhood e mail notifications 1

Teamhood version 1.2

E-mail notifications, import and export from specific rows for more accuracy when moving tasks and completion percentages visible in each row bringing more accuracy.

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Teamhood AM time to complete 1

Teamhood version 1.1

Actionable Agile metrics to improve your project overview and take better control of your projects. You can now not only analyze what is happening, but have clear suggestions on how to improve your projects.

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Teamhood avatars in timeline 3

Teamhood version 1.0.5

Improved visualization with user avatars in Timeline and color-coded notifications. Automation of completed tasks moved to completed column and improved schedule picker for defining start and end dates for each task.

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Teamhood task board grouped by users

Teamhood version 1.0.4

Start working on your projects quicker with new and improved workspace templates. Group tasks by team members to quickly understand their workload and availability.

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Teamhood is a project management and task management solution that helps companies to streamline business processes and deliver results faster. Teamhood is designed for professional teams seeking efficiency at work and full empowerment of their talents. Teamhood provides workspaces, customized kanban boards with fine-tuned time tracking, collaboration functionalities as well as visual agile metrics reporting.
Teamhood is developed by Eylean, a project management software company since 2011. Eylean products are valued by its numerous customers globally such as Mercedes AG, Festool, Johnson&Johnson, Rabobank and others.

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