Teamhood Release Notes

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color row

Teamhood version 1.93

Jun 12th, 2024

– Kanban V2
– Coloring rows, statuses, and items
– WIP limits for status groups
– Time in status layer
– My Calendar, My Kanban, and My List

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undo button

Teamhood version 1.90

Apr 26th, 2024

– Undo V2
– Checkboxes in item descriptions
– Configurable row and board total calculations
– Numeric field formatting
– Sync assignee field
– Ability to archive items with Open API

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compact mode gantt view

Teamhood version 1.89

Apr 5th, 2024

– Compact mode for Gantt view
– Editable item duration in Gantt view
– Yearly scale for the Gantt view
– Option to narrow the title column in Gantt
– Cover images for Kanban cards

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Teamhood version 1.88

Mar 15th, 2024

– UX & technical improvements

sub statuses Kanban

Teamhood version 1.87

Mar 1st, 2024

– Kanban sub-status improvements
– New items in the Kanban ‘In Progress’ statuses
– Updated Kanban board editing experience

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dependency titles on kanban cards

Teamhood version 1.86

Feb 14th, 2024

– Recent Views in Homepage
– Dependency titles on Kanban cards

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teamhood homepage

Teamhood version 1.84

Jan 17th, 2024

– Renewed Homepage
– Tag management in your views

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Collapse statuses

Teamhood version 1.83

Dec 27th, 2023

– Collapsable sub-statuses
– Preview .pdf files in browser
– Progress field in item details

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custom field filter time sheet

Teamhood version 1.82

Dec 12th, 2023

– Filter Timesheet by custom fields
– Hide budget for non-admin users
– Right-click items for action menu

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Teamhood dark theme

Teamhood version 1.81

Nov 29th, 2023

– Dark theme
– Value aggregates sync
– Updated workspace reports

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synced copy configuration

Teamhood version 1.80

Nov 10th, 2023

– Synced copy configuration
– Custom field synchronization

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