Teamhood version 1.23

Teamhood version 1.23 is now live. This release brings a brand new feature – Burndown Chart report! Besides this – improved search side menu to show recent items and improved cloning of items. Now cloned items inherit child item dependencies among other things. Save even more time on work management with Teamhood!

Burndown Chart report

Burndown chart

Teamhood version 1.22 is the burndown chart report. Burndown chart is one of the key metrics in Scrum methodology . It shows the remaining work to be done during a sprint period measured in number of items, hours or points. With this feature Teamhood has become the full-agile tool delivering all essential Agile metrics for high performing teams.

You can monitor Burndown Chart for each row or the board. Click on multipoint next to board or row name, select “reporting” and then “burndown”.

Recent items in workspace search

recent items in search

With Teamhood version 1.23 search for your items becomes more intuitive. Often we look for something we have just worked on – the recent items. Just click the search icon above boards menu and the recent items will be shown next to the search box.

Clone item with child item dependencies

clonee items with child dependencies

For those who need to manage multiple items with complex, but similar content this feature will save hours of time.

Click on a multipoint next to item, select Clone item and new item with child items and dependencies is created. Only need to update details and dates.

Bug fixes and technical improvements

Teamhood version 1.23 comes in with a variety of smaller technical improvements to help smooth your experience using our tool.

Wondering what’s next? Learn more about the previous releases or open your Teamhood workspace to try out the new features!

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