Teamhood version 1.0.4

Teamhood version 1.0.4 is equipped with 3 new Workspace templates, notifications for due items and task board grouping by users.

New workspace templates

Teamhood version 1.0.4

Teamhood version 1.0.4 comes with 3 new workspace templates for you to choose from – Task management, Project management and Remote collaboration. Allowing you to set up and start working on your projects even faster.

Task management workspace

Task management workspace
Teamhood task management workspace

Here you will find two boards – Tasks and Archive. The first board is for tracking all of your tasks as they are planned and being worked on. You can add new tasks to the Input section and prioritize them in the Urgent column. Once you are ready to work on a task, move it to the doing section where all of the task subtasks will be displayed and tracked separately as Tasks Todo or Tasks Done. Lastly, when a task is done, move it to the Done section. The task board is divided into rows that represent different weeks, making it easy to sort and plan tasks according to when they have to be completed.

To make sure your task board does not become too cluttered, move the finished tasks to the Archive. Here you will be able to find all the related information, as your main task board remains clear.

Project management workspace

Project management workspace
Teamhood project management workspace

This workspace also comes with two boards – Projects and Archive. Just like in the Task management workspace, Archive is for holding all of the finished tasks, while the Projects board is where the magic happens. There are four sections on this board. Backlog to hold all of the planned work and prioritize urgent items in the Urgent column. Second section is Work in progress that displays all of the items that are being worked on at the moment as well as allowing to track the status of their subtasks through the secondary process of Todo – Doing – Done. The third section in this board is Approval and is meant for manager or anyone with authority to review and sign off on the work that has been done. Lastly, the fourth Done section holds all of the finished tasks.

In this template rows are used to separate different projects, allowing to identify where tasks belong and to have an overview of what is going on.

Remote teamwork workspace

Remote teamwork workspace.
Teamhood remote teamwork workspace

The last new template in Teamhood version 1.0.4 is dedicated for Remote teamwork. We are sure you will find it useful as most offices have shifted towards working remotely in the last months. In this template you will find 4 task boards to help keep your remote team organized. First the Tasks board, here you will track the tasks that are in progress at the moment. You can prioritize them in the urgent column, track subtasks in a secondary workflow and divide the board into rows to represent work weeks.

Remote teamwork workspace
Teamhood remote teamwork workspace

The second board in this template is for Ideas. Since your team is not in the same place collecting and discussing ideas can be more difficult. Instead of everyone writing something for themselves, you can collect all the ideas in this board and then discuss as a group to see what should be implemented.

Remote teamwork workspace
Teamhood remote teamwork workspace

To keep the team motivated and effective, you will most likely hold workshops and review your process. Teamhood will help you to track and guide these meetings with a workshop board, where you can register suggestions and brainstorm the best way of operation going forward. Lastly, the Archive board is where you can keep tasks that are finished and are cluttering the other boards.

Due item notifications

Taking note of due and overdue items has just become easier. You will see a notification if a task is due today or already overdue, allowing you to get back on track immediately.

Task board grouping by users

Teamhood task board by user
Teamhood task board grouped by user

To make planning work and managing workloads of team members easier you can now group the task board based on team members. Quickly see what everyone is working on and compare number of assigned tasks. Allowing you to make sure work is distributed evenly and going smoothly.

More on Teamhood

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Teamhood Product Overview

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