Teamhood version 1.0.5

Teamhood version 1.0.5 comes with several visualization improvements and automation of completed tasks to make your process more seamless.

User avatars in Timeline

teamhood timeline

With Teamhood version 1.0.5 planning your work in Timeline just became easier. From now on, if a task has an assignee you can see their avatar next to the task name. This creates a visual overview of what the team members are working on and allows to distribute resources evenly while prioritizing the most important tasks.

Also, if you mark the task as completed, all of its subtasks will be hidden. Seeing subtasks is important when planning and executing work, but once the work is done it can clutter the Timeline. Therefore if you mark task as completed or move it to the completed column on your board, you will no longer see its subtasks in Timeline.

Colored notifications

Teamhood notifications

To give you more visual cues and ease notification readability, we have introduced colored notifications. Instead of reading all of the notifications, you can now easily spot certain items, making it easier to skim and find the most important information. Due and overdue items are now highlighted in red, so you can start working on them immediately. And completed items are marked green, so you can take note of the finished work.

Just like in previous releases Teamhood version 1.0.5 highlights other actions taken on tasks and their location in blue, while clicking on a notification will take you straight to the task details.

Updated schedule picker

Teamhood version 1.0.5

Planning work and laying out tasks in a Timeline is key for many project managers. This is why we wanted to make sure assigning start and due dates to tasks becomes even faster. To achieve this, the schedule picker in task details has been reviewed and updated. Now you can quickly mark when a task is due with several most common presets like – Today, Tomorrow, Next Week and others.

If you need to be more precise, add in start and due dates in the calendar view that now displays two months side by side. This definitely makes thigs easier, doesn’t it?

Automation of completed tasks

automation of completed tasks

No matter how great Teamhood is, your main focus should be on completing tasks not managing the task board. Therefore Teamhood version 1.0.5 introduces automation of completed tasks. From now on, if you mark the task as completed in the task details, you will not have to also move it to the completed column, Teamhood will do it for you. All you have to do is ensure there is a column for completed tasks on your board and you are good to go.

If there are several columns for completed items, Teamhood will move the item to the first one from the left and you can later sort through and divide all the completed items into the specific completed task columns.

Bug fixes and other small improvements

Besides the more visible updates, we are always working on improving your experience when using Teamhood. This version release also includes various bug fixes and other small improvements to make sure Teamhood is your main companion in effective process management.

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Teamhood Product Overview

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