Teamhood version 1.10

The newest Teamhood version comes in with board and row visualization in Portfolio view, ability to move items between workspaces, item status in Portfolio view, import from and export to Portfolio projects, ability to archive multiple items, improved e-mail notifications, next recurrence visible in item settings, and ability to filter dashboard and workload view by the board.

Boards and rows in Portfolio view

teamhood version 1.10 portfolio

Managing your portfolio in Teamhood has just become easier – the Portfolio view now shows the boards and rows of the work items. Thus, you can easily manage the current tasks and add new ones to the exact place they need to be. Need to add a new board or row? Now you don’t have to go into the board settings, but manage everything right in the portfolio – your team will see all the changes on their task boards immediately.

Moving items between workspaces

1.10 Move between workspaces

With Teamhood version 1.10 you can move items between different workspaces. Open the task details and find the workspace logo at the top right. After clicking on it, you will get a full list of your workspaces and be able to choose which of them you want to move the item to. If the workspace has multiple task boards, you will see the list and be able to choose a specific task board. Lastly, if the task board has multiple rows, you will also see them displayed so that you can immediately move the item to the correct one.

Item status/column in Portfolio view

1.10 portfolio task status 1

Teamhood version 1.10 brings some additional information to the Portfolio view. As mentioned before, the tasks are now grouped by boards and rows, but you may be wondering what about the columns? Don’t worry, as we thought of that as well. The column that each item is in will be displayed next to the item name. Click on the column name to change it and easily track the progress of each task as it travels through the process steps.

Portfolio import and export

teamhood version 1.10 import export

Teamhood version 1.10 makes sharing your Portfolio information data easier. From now on, you can import data into Portfolio and export data from Portfolio to .csv files. This allows you to add in information faster when creating a Portfolio project and share or transfer data to another Portfolio quickly. In the Portfolio view, choose which board or row you want to export or import data to, hover over its name and choose your action. Moving tasks between workspaces and sharing information with your team has never been so easy.

Archive multiple items

1.10 archive all items 1

Teamhood version 1.10 brings a new way of archiving tasks as you can now choose to archive all items in a board, column, or row. To do so, simply hover over the row, column or board name in Teamhood and open the pop-up menu. Here you will see an option to “Archive all items”, press on it and the items will be archived. Thus, making it easier to keep your task board tidy and remove any tasks that are not relevant anymore.

Improved e-mail notifications

teamhood email notifications

E-mail notifications can be a lifesaver if you rely on your inbox for information and from now on, they are just a little more informative. The person on your team that made changes will appear as the sender and the task in question will be the subject, making it easy to organize and search for notifications in your inbox. In the e-mail itself you will find the notification and direct links to the task, task board, and workspace making the navigation easier. Remember, you can manage the e-mail notification settings in Teamhood by clicking on your avatar.

Next recurrence in item details

teamhood version 1.10 item recurrence

Teamhood version 1.10 comes in with updated item recurrence settings. Meaning, now you can see when the next recurrence is set to happen by opening the item repeat settings in task details. Quickly check the information of tasks that are of interest instead of wondering or trying to calculate the exact date. If you decide to change the recurrence settings, the updated date will be visible immediately.

Workload view filtered by board

teamhood workload

Working on several projects and need to have more control of the Dashboard and Workload views? Teamhood version 1.10 has got you covered with a new report filter. From now on, you can filter the Dashboard and Workload views by the board, allowing you to access just the data you were looking for without any additional digging.

Curious to know more about what Teamhood can do? Check out our features page, a quick video to structure your board, or review Teamhood Kanban board templates to start creating a new project today.

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