Teamhood version 1.1

Teamhood version 1.1 rolls out actionable Agile metrics to improve the project tracking experience as well as other small updates

Actionable Agile Metrics

Teamhood version 1.1 comes with substantial reporting improvements introducing the actionable Agile metrics. This view shows several live graphs and reports as well as suggestions on how the team can boost their performance by completing specific work items.

Total Progress

teamhood version 1.1

The first two charts in Actionable Agile metrics overview the total progress by displaying the amount of work items and hors the team has planned, in progress and done. This allows to quickly evaluate the percentage of work that is already done and understand how far along the project is.

Items completed on time and Items age in progress

Items completed in time and aging in progress

Items completed on time show the total number of tasks each month that have been completed on time and what is the percentage of on time versus late tasks. This allows teams to explore two aspects in their process – is the team working effectively to deliver items and more importantly are they setting accurate estimations for the task completion.

Items age in progress chart displays the time work items spend in the ‘In Progress’ section. Only the three highest percentiles are displayed so the team knows what is the longest time in progress is and how many tasks adhere to this number. Giving them insight if WIP limits should be implemented to optimize the process.

Time to complete and New vs completed items

New vs completed items

Time to complete is a take on Kanban lead time metric and displays how much time on average it took for an item to be completed since it was created. The average value is calculated from the last 3 months and only the three highest percentiles are displayed so that the team can focus on the pain points. You can see the current average lead time at the top of the chart and the lead time for each month by hovering over the graph.

New vs completed items chart displays two metrics – new and completed items. It gives the total number of new and completed items over the last 3 as well as the current month as well as displaying an overall average of these items per month. Here the team can monitor if tasks are being completed as fast as they are created and identify if there are any issues in the process causing delays in delivery.

Actionable items

teamhood actionable items

The last section in Teamhood version 1.1 reports is the actionable items that displays overdue and aging in progress items. This helps the team to quickly improve their performance by focusing on the tasks that have been lagging behind or took longer than expected. By pulling their efforts to work on these tasks, the teams will be able to move forward and focus on new goals.

My Agenda accessible from side menu

Teamhood my agenda

To help you navigate the board more easily, My Agenda view is now also accessible from the side menu. The view is also still accessible by pressing your name icon in the upper right corner, giving Teamhood users two ways to open My Agenda.

Bug fixes

Teamhood version 1.1 also comes in with various bug fixes improving the overall tool performance.

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Teamhood Product Overview

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