Teamhood version 1.11

Send e-mails to create new work items, add a new work item for each repeat of a task, attach an existing workspace when creating a project, add new child items from item bar in portfolio view, clone board structure, and automatically reschedule dependant items if the due date changes.

Send e-mails to create new work items

Teamhood version 1.11 comes in with a variety of new features, but the biggest one of them all is undoubtedly the possibility to create new work items by sending an e-mail. From now on, each Teamhood task board has a personalized e-mail address that can be found in the board settings or in the side menu next to the task board name.

teamhood version 1.11 email to create new task

An existing Teamhood user can create a new work item on a board by simply writing an e-mail to this address. The subject will be used as the work item name, the content of the e-mail will be seen in the work item description and the sender will be added as a watcher. The new task will be placed at the top of the first column of the board (upper left corner). So you can quickly and securely add new tasks to your task board by e-mail and then continue managing them from Teamhood.

1.11 email to task

Create a new task for each repeat

Most of us have tasks that must be repeated on a regular basis and Teamhood version 1.11 comes in with another improvement to make the management of such tasks easier. From now on, you can opt-in to ‘Create a new item when repeating’. This means that each time, a task is repeated, a new work item will appear on your task board. Making it easier to track and ensure each repeat was carried out and completed.

teamhood version 1.11

Attach an existing workspace to your project

For those working with multiple projects, Teamhood version 1.11 comes in with a few Portfolio view improvements. First is the ability to add an existing workspace when creating a new project. So if you already have a workspace created for your project, you can simply add it to the Portfolio view instead of having to create a new one from scratch. All you have to do is uncheck the box to ‘Create new Workspace’ and choose from the dropdown list of your existing workspaces.

workspace in project

Create child items from item bar in portfolio view

The second improvement in Portfolio view comes as an ability to create child items without opening the parent item details. Simply hover over the parent work item name and press on the icon to ‘Add child item’. You can quickly enter the new task name, add in schedule and assign it to one of your team members. Making portfolio project planning and management that much easier.

teamhood version 1.11

Clone board structure

With Teamhood version 1.11 you can now easily share task board structure with other teams. Navigate to your task board list on the left of the screen and open the side menu of the chosen task board. Here, click on ‘Clone board’ and an exact copy of your board will be created in the same workspace. This will allow you to quickly replicate boards for different teams or projects.

teamhood version 1.11 clone board

Automatic schedule adjustment

The last improvement that comes with Teamhood version 1.11 is an automatic rescheduling of dependant tasks. From now on, if a task schedule gets extended, all dependant tasks will be rescheduled accordingly. For example, if a task is delayed by one day and this delay affects a dependant task, its schedule will also be pushed forward by one day. Giving you a more accurate understanding of when the work will be completed. This feature is applicable to all tasks with dependencies and can be easily observed in Timeline, Workload, and Portfolio views.

teamhood version 1.11 automatic reshedule

Bug fixes and small improvements

Besides all these great features, Teamhood version 1.11 comes with various bug fixes and small improvements aimed at making your project management experience better. Learn more about Teamhood features, review previous release notes to see if there are any exciting features you have missed, or check out this video to get started with Teamhood.

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