Teamhood version 1.12

The newest Teamhood version 1.12 brings in several new features: list view mode for task boards, Gantt view mode for task boards, ability to import file attachments from email to item, including of work items when cloning boards and ability to hide empty rows in Timeline view.

List view mode in Boards

Using task boards to visualize the work process and track work item progress is great. But in some cases, seeing all of the work items in a list is still preferable. Teamhood version 1.12 allows you to do just that. Open the task board of your choice and in the top menu choose which view you want to see. If you choose the List view, all of the work items will be displayed in a list.

To make sure navigation of this list is easy, the list is divided into sections according to the task board rows and each work item displays the most important details. You will see the task name, tags, status, assignee, schedule, and estimate. You can quickly add new items at the bottom of every section or mark them as completed by putting a checkmark next to the task name. Each list section also displays the completion percentage just like it does in the Kanban view.

teamhood version 1.12 list view

Gantt view mode in Boards

A Gantt chart is a project management classic. Before the Teamhood version 1.12, you could create and manage Gantt charts in the Portfolio view, but now the possibilities are expanding. Just like you can quickly choose to see the task board as a list of tasks, you can also choose to see it as a Gantt chart. To make sure this works, add start and end dates to your work items and specify dependencies. All of this will be visualized in a Gantt chart that any team member or project manager can review and manage.

The Gantt view is divided by rows, just like your Kanban board. And you can easily choose which row to expand or minimize. In the Gantt view you will see all of the work item names, statuses, schedule and assignees. Hover over a task name to add subtasks, use the check box to mark it done and add new items at the bottom of each section. Now you have even more flexibility in managing your tasks.

teamhood version 1.12 Gantt view

Import file attachments from email to item

Surely you have already tried adding new items to your task board via sending an e-mail. Teamhood version 1.11 made sure you can quickly copy the board mailbox and send an e-mail where the subject becomes the task name and the content of the e-mail becomes the description.

With the newest Teamhood version 1.12 we have added one more thing. Now if you attach a file to this e-mail, it will also be attached to the new work item. Neat right? So go ahead and try creating work items right from your inbox!

teamhood version 1.12 attachment from email

Ability to include items when cloning Boards

The ability to clone the structure of any task board was introduced in Teamhood version 1.11. This feature allowed you to quickly create a duplicate of any board in order to replicate it for a different team or project. With Teamhood version 1.12 you can now also include the work items of the cloned board. After choosing to clone a board, you will get a prompt asking if you want to clone with items or not. Choose to clone with items and an exact copy will be created.

teamhood version 1.12 clone boards with items

Hide empty rows in Timeline

Teamhood version 1.12 introduces a new filter in Timeline view. From now on you can filter and hide empty rows in your Timeline. Thus, giving you a clearer view of the most important items and their dependencies. The Timeline can also be filtered to only show your or due items as well as work items with specific tags or assignees. So make sure to utilize those filters and get a clear overview of the process.

teamhood version 1.12

Bug fixes and improvements

Just like the previous releases, Teamhood version 1.12 brings in a variety of smaller improvements and bug fixes. All aimed at improving performance and easing your project management efforts.

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