Teamhood version 1.13

Teamhood version 1.13 comes in with a variety of updates. You will find – private boards (part of the Premium plan), default view mode for boards, a budget field in item details, child item templates, time estimation in minutes, filter to hide empty rows in Workload, and filter to show or hide completed items in List and Gantt views. Open Teamhood now to try the features out, or keep on reading to learn more.

Private boards

teamhood version 1.13 private boards

Teamhood version 1.13 introduces a new Premium plan feature – Private boards. From now on, all Premium plan users can create private boards that only team members who have been granted access to can access and work in. So now, you don’t need to create a new workspace for a specific project with sensitive information. Instead, create a private board and pick which of the team members can have access.

To make a task board private, go to the board settings and tick the box. Then, you will be able to choose which team members can access the board.

Default view mode for boards

teamhood version 1.13 default view

We have introduced the list and Gantt view for board in the Teamhood version 1.12 and now we are giving you a slight improvement. From now on, you can pick which of the three views is your favorite and set it as a default view that you will see any time the board is opened. You can do this two ways – in the drop down menu at the top of your screen or in the task board settings. So go set the default and enjoy your favorite view automatically.

Budget field in item details

teamhood version 1.13 budget field

Another new feature you will find in Teamhood version 1.13 is the budget field in item details. You can choose the budget for each work item from the suggested sums in the drop down menu or enter your own value. To make sure the budget is accurate, you can modify the currency to fit your own and review what is the worth of tasks that have already been completed vs the ones left to do.

Child item templates in Kanban view

teamhood version 1.13

Teamhood version 1.13 brings a new added benefit for those using secondary process columns in Kanban view. Now when creating a new child item, you can choose to use a template. Click the option ‘From template’, pick a template that fits your needs and you are good to go. Adding child items faster and getting back to work.

Time estimation in minutes

teamhood version 1.13 estimation in minutes

Teamhood version 1.13 also brings improvements to the time estimation feature. From now on, you can estimate work items more accurately using both – hours and minutes. Quickly choose from the 15 minute intervals in the drop down menu, or use the decimal point to add minutes to any hour estimation. Remember, that 0.25 equals to quarter of an hour so that is 15 minutes. 0.5 is 30 minutes and 0.75 is 45 minutes.

Hide empty rows in Workload

hide empty rows workload

To make your workload management efforts easier, Teamhood version 1.13 introduces a new filter into the Workload view. Now you can choose to hide or show empty rows in the Workload and thus see only the team members that are currently involved in projects. Easily filter your view and only see the team members that are working at the moment.

Filter completed items in List and Gantt views

show completed items

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.13 comes in with improved filtering capabilities for List and Gantt views. Now it is up to you to choose if you want to see the completed items in these views or not. Pick a setting that works the best or go back and forth when needed, the two views are now even more comfortable to use.

Bug fixes and other improvements

Just like previous releases, Teamhood version 1.13 comes in with a variety of bug fixes and other small improvements. We are striving to ensure your project management experience improves with every new release and thus are constantly making changes to improve Teamhood. Learn about the past versions in the release notes or open Teamhood now to try the new features for yourself.

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