Teamhood version 1.14

Teamhood version 1.14 brings a variety of new features and improvements for you to enjoy – API (beta), Work in progress (WIP) limits, ability to change child item order, turning workspace features ON/OFF, comment content in notification e-mails, parent-child relationships for archived items and mobile usability improvements.

API (beta)

Teamhood version 1.14 allows Premium and Enterprise users to automate workflows by integrating via Teamhood API. Enjoy easier process for creating work items, inviting users to workspaces, reading or extracting item related data, marking items completed and more.

Work in progress (WIP) limits

teamhood version 1.14

Set and observe work in progress (WIP) limits for each process status with Teamhood version 1.14. Open the board settings to set the WIP limits for all status columns or hover over the selected status header to modify the specific WIP limit. You will see how many items there already are in each status column and be notified when they are reached. Thus, allowing you to take better control on the process and keep team members focused on one task at a time.

Change child item order in item details

teamhood version 1.14 child items

Most of us like to see the child items ordered in the same way they have to be completed. With Teamhood version 1.14, you can achieve this a lot easier. Simply type in all the child items and then rearrange them in the task details to get the execution order right. To do this, click on the child item and drag it into the desired place on the list.

Turn workspace features ON/OFF

teamhood version 1.14 workspace

Choose which workspace features your team needs. With Teamhood version 1.14 you can turn certain features ON or OFF. Decide if your team needs time tracking, WIP limits, compact completed cards, progress bars on rows, and auto-schedule for dependencies and reduce the number of features available to simplify the tool for your team. If your needs change, you can turn the features back on at any time.

Comment content in notification e-mails

teamhood version 1.14 email comments

If you are into e-mail notifications, this Teamhood version 1.14 feature will be especially beneficial. Now, all notification e-mails about the comments made on work items will include the comment in them. Making it easy to know which team member made the comment, which work item they are referring to and what they had to say. This way, you do not even need to open the workspace to get the latest information from your team.

Parent-child relationships for archived items

1.14 archive items

To make sure you can navigate the item Archive more easily, all archived items will now preserve the parent-child relationship information. So even if the project is finished and the work items have been archived you can look up its child items in the archive. Which makes it easier to understand what was done in the past projects and copy tasks in the future.

Mobile usability improvements

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.14 comes in with mobile usability improvements. This is done to ensure performing small adjustments or updating status can be done from your mobile as well as from your computer. Making the remote working environment more flexible and attainable for all the team members.

Want to know more about Teamhood? Visit our features page to learn all about what this tool can do or review previous release notes for handy tips and tricks that you might have previously missed. Just starting out with Teamhood? Watch this short video for a quick introduction.

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