Teamhood version 1.15

The newest Teamhood version 1.15 brings a batch of new and exciting features – converting a child item into a parent item, the ability to hide/show item IDs, showing items due today in Dashboard, showing items due in the next 7 days in Dashboard, and the ability to export work items into PDF. Keep on reading to learn more about the latest Teamhood features. No time to breathe spring? Get work done faster. Get time for breathing and spring. Teamhood.

Converting child items into parent items

teamhood version 1.15 convert to parent

Ever worked on a child item that is more complicated than expected or had a realization it should be a parent item instead? With Teamhood version 1.15 you can easily convert any child item into a parent item and continue working without interruptions.

To do so, open the parent item that the child item belongs to and find the pop-up menu next to the child item name. In the menu, you will see an option to ‘Convert to parent’ click it and the child item will be automatically converted into a parent item and placed next to its previous parent item on the board.

Choose to hide/show item IDs

teamhood version 1.15 item numbers

Teamhood version 1.15 allows you to choose whether to hide or show work item IDs on the task boards. If you find them useful for quickly identifying items, keep them turned on. Otherwise, if they seem to clutter your view, simply turn them off in the Workspace settings. Just like other workspace settings item IDs can be turned off or on at any time.

Items due today in Dashboard

teamhood version 1.15 due today

Easily keep track of all the tasks that have to be done today. Teamhood version 1.15 features a new Dashboard section ‘Due Today’. Here you will find all of the workspace tasks from different boards that have a due date set to today. Thus, managing work becomes easier as you can quickly find where to place your main focus and give help to those team members that need it most.

Items due in 7 days in Dashboard

teamhood version 1.15 due in 7 days

Another Dashboard improvement in the Teamhood version 1.15 comes in showing the items due in the next 7 days. Just like the previous view, work items are gathered from all the task boards within the workspace. Except here the main criteria is having the set due date in the next 7 days. This allows you to know what should happen in the next week and plan your actions in a way to help your team execute all of these tasks.

Exporting work items to PDF

teamhood version 1.15

The final Teamhood version 1.15 feature is the ability to export work items into a PDF file. You will see this option in the drop down menu next to the task board name. Click on export and you can choose between CSV and PDF formats.

Once you choose PDF, you can specify which information should be exported to your file. You can filter out work items by tags, assignees, and due dates. As well as choose which of the task attributes will be included in the exported file. Simply check what you need – display ID, title, status, assignee, schedule, estimate, or budget. The exported file will reflect the board rows and parent-child relationships between tasks.

Various bug fixes and improvements

The Teamhood team is always working on giving our users the best experience. Thus, we are always solving bug fixes and creating various minor improvements to ensure the best performance. Learn more about the Teamhood features or check out the release notes page to see how the tool has improved over time.

Open Teamhood now to try out the latest features for yourself or sign-up for a free account and feel the true power of a project management tool.

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