Teamhood version 1.16

Teamhood version 1.16 comes in with several updates and improvements – custom fields in work item details, ability to customize List and Gantt views, version 2 of the Gantt view, new endpoints for Open API, items due in 7 days shown in My Agenda, and mobile view improvements.

Custom fields in work item details

teamhood version 1.16 custom fields

The biggest update in Teamhood version 1.16 comes in the form of custom fields. Now you can use the workspace settings to add in customary fields to be shown in the work item details. Choose from three types of fields – text, number, or a checkbox and easily track all of the relevant project information with the help of work item cards. For example, you can use custom fields to track client phone numbers or e-mail.

This is a workspace level feature, thus the custom fields will be visible in all task boards created that workspace. If you want to replicate the same custom fields in a different workspace, navigate to the workspace settings and create them anew.

List and Gantt view customization

teamhood version 1.16

To make sure you can immediately find the needed project information, with Teamhood version 1.16 we have introduced the ability to configure which item fields are visible in List and Gantt views. All you have to do is pick which of the fields you want to see and the changes will be immediately applied to the corresponding view. The fields you can choose to turn on or off are – status, schedule, assignee, creator, estimation, and budget. Pick the information you want to see and enjoy a more useful representation of tasks.

Gantt view V2

teamhood version 1.16 gantt

Teamhood version 1.16 comes in with an improved Gantt view that allows you to plan and manage projects more easily. We have made slight adjustments to the left side of the view, but the biggest difference comes from the chart itself. Now you can see the total duration and completion percentage of each separate row. Just like in the Kanban board, you can simply look at this number and get a better understanding of how well each phase of the project is going.

Moreover, if you create work items, that have subtasks, those work items will also show the completion percentage. For example, if a work item has 3 subtasks and one of them is already done, the completion percentage will be shown as 33% for that work item. Making it easier to understand progress and control it.

New endpoints for Open API

Teamhood API has also been improved. Starting with Teamhood version 1.16 you have the ability to not only read the data about the board structure, but also create workspaces, boards and rows. Use it and enjoy easier workspace management.

My Agenda shows items due in 7 days

my agenda

To make sure planning out your workweek is easy, My Agenda now shows items due in 7 days. This way, you can see both – items that are overdue as well as what needs to be done today, tomorrow, and in the coming week. Use it to plan ahead and make sure you complete tasks on time.

Mobile view improvements

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.16 brings improvements to the mobile view. So, if you need to use Teamhood away from your main workspace, now it is easier to do. Check task progress, add in details and write in important updates on the go.

Open Teamhood now to try out all of these updates for yourself now or learn more about other Teamhood features and previous release notes.

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