Teamhood version 1.17

The latest Teamhood release brings forth an array of exciting new features – customizable dashboards, custom fields visible in Gantt and List views, item dependencies included in the .csv import/export, the ability to clone rows with the work items, a feature to send an item as an e-mail, and the ability to create and assign work items through e-mail.

Customizable dashboards

teamhood version 1.17

Teamhood version 1.17 allows you to fine-tune reporting by creating custom dashboards. From now on it is up to you to decide what you see in the dashboard and how it is constructed.

First, choose what widgets you want to see – you can pick from lists, progress charts, or sum values.

Second, define their criteria and give an appropriate name for the information that is shown.

Third, arrange them in a manner that suits you the best and enjoy an automated progress report, client billing sheet or anything else you may need.

customizable dashboards

In the widgets, you will be able to filter data based on items, location, tags, due dates, and color. As well as have the option to include the child items and define the sorting order. This is a powerful tool that will let you create a dashboard that shows exactly what you need to know. The best part – you can create several dashboards. Allowing you to have a dedicated place to track separate departments, teams, or clients.

Custom fields in Gantt and List views

teamhood version 1.17

Our last release introduced the custom fields option for the work item details. Now, with Teamhood version 1.17 you can choose to see those fields in Gantt and List views. Simply choose to configure fields and add the custom fields from your list. Don’t see what you need there? Create a new custom field and immediately add it to your Gantt or List view. Making sorting through tasks and sharing information even easier.

Item dependencies in .csv import/export

teamhood version 1.17

Teamhood version 1.17 allows you import and export tasks with even more detail. From now on, the .csv export will include the work item dependencies drawn in your Teamhood projects. Thus, giving you more accurate and complete data. And if you import a .csv file with defined work item dependencies, those will be automatically transported into your Teamhood project.

Clone rows with work items

teamhood version 1.17

Need to quickly clone a row with the work items? Teamhood version 1.17 has got you covered! Simply open the row settings menu next to its name and click on clone row. You immediately get a copy of the chosen row that includes all of the work items. Giving you an easier way to duplicate and then arrange the work items on your task board.

Send work item as e-mail

teamhood version 1.17

For those that need to share some information quickly or with an outside resource, there is now an option to send work items as an e-mail. Open the work item detail and press on the ‘Send as email’ option on the right. You will be able to specify the email subject and enter the recipient’s email address. The recipient will see the task name, start and due dates, tags, location in the workspace, description, and any attachments that have been added to the work item details.

Assign items through e-mail

teamhood version 1.17

With Teamhood version 1.17 you can now actually assign new work items to team members through e-mail. When you write the e-mail, the e-mail subject will be used as the work item name and any content will be put into the work item description. Once that is done, select the team member you want to assign the task to as the recipient and cc the Teamhood board you want the task to be placed in. You can find the mailbox of each board in the quick menu next to its name. Now click send and the new task with the selected assignee will be created in Teamhood.

Bug fixes and smaller improvements

Just like with previous versions, this Teamhood release comes in with various bug fixes and smaller improvements. Learn more about the previous releases in the release notes or head over to our features page to see all that Teamhood can do in one place.

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