Teamhood version 1.18

The latest Teamhood version 1.18 brings in a variety of new features – new filtering menu for all views, Teamhood notifications in Microsoft Teams, task limits for rows, ability to show all tags on a Kanban card and setting title/disply ID when cloning a board.

New filter menu

teamhood version 1.18

The biggest improvement in Teamhood version 1.18 comes in with a new filtering menu. Now it is easier to find what you need in any board or view. Simply Click ‘Filter’ at the top of your screen and easily pick what you want to be shown. Depending on the view, you can pick from users, tags, dates, rows, or boards. Everything that you have picked, will be shown on the left, so you always know what criteria have been chosen and delete anything that should not be there anymore.

Teamhood notifications in Microsoft Teams

teamhood version 1.18

With Teamhood version 1.18 you can now opt-in to receive notifications in Microsoft Teams. For this new feature to work, you will have to log out of Teamhood and then log back in. After that, the Teamhood notifications will be sent to you via the Teamhood app in Teams. So, you can stay on top of what is happening in the project without having to keep your Teamhood board or email open. Creating a more flexible and integrated working environment.

If you have already used the Teamhood app, there is one additional step you need to take. Either log out and back into MS Teams or write something to the chatbot. If you are just starting to use the Teamhood app, no additional steps are necessary.

Row limits

teamhood version 1.18

Teamhood version 1.18 allows you to take even more control of your projects by introducing Row limits. You can set these limits by defining how many items, estimation hours, or budget can be added to one row. Thus, setting limits to your task boards without having to actively monitor them every day. To do so, open the board settings and chose what limits you want to have.

If you do not set a limit, the total number of work items will be displayed under the row name automatically.

Showing all tags on the item cards

teamhood version 1.18 all tags

Another new feature in this latest release is showing all work item tags on the work item card. This feature is exclusive to the Kanban view and helps you see all relevant tags when reviewing the board. Thus, with Teamhood version 1.18 you can add as many tags, as needed for any work item, and don’t worry any of them can be lost.

Set title and display ID when cloning board

teamhood version 1.18 clone board

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.18 allows you to define board title and ID when cloning. Instead of the automatic name ‘Clone of board X’, you can write in the board name you want to be used in the future. On top of that, you can also choose the board ID. This is the shortened version of your board name that is used in the URL to access the board. Thus, you can customize both the name and the ID to suit your preferences.

Bug fixes and improvements

Just like previous release notes, the latest Teamhood version brings various bug fixes and improvements to make your project management experience as smooth as possible. Learn more about Teamhood, by reviewing the Features page or visit our YouTube channel for introductions and tutorials.

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