Teamhood version 1.19

Teamhood version 1.19 is out! Here are the newest features you will find in your workspace – embed widget for dashboards, notification when a dependency is completed, custom item sorting, import/export of custom fields, import wizard for custom data formats in .csv files, and a bonus stealth feature.

Embed widget for dashboards

teamhood version 1.19

Teamhood version 1.19 introduces a new widget for your dashboards – the embed widget. Use it to include any additional information from outside sources. It can be anything -a document with important information, a presentation of results, or maybe a video on how to best organize the process. You can use the widget to add information from anywhere by simply copying the embed code. Some examples of sources are- YouTube, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Office 365, etc.

Notification for a completed dependency

teamhood version 1.19

With the newest Teamhood version it is easier to track when a dependent item is ready to be worked on. Teamhood version 1.19 introduces a new notification that lets you know once a dependency is completed or ready. Thus, instead of having to check your board, you can simply wait for a notification and then start working on the task assigned to you. Choose to receive notification in e-mail, MS Teams or both for maximum convenience.

Custom item sorting

1.19 custom sorting

Before now, all the items in the Teamhood task board were placed in default order. Teamhood version 1.19 brings forth a possibility to use custom item sorting and helps navigate to find specific items more easily. You can order items by the due date, by name, by estimation length, budget, and any custom fields you have added to your workspace. For example, priority or client. The sorting will not afect work item status or row, simply sort each group of work items accuording to the chosen criteria.

Import/Export custom fields

Use custom fields beyond the Teamhood board. From now, you can import and export the custom fields into a .csv file. Making it easier to prepare and analyze project information away from the Teamhood task board. Simply choose the view you want to export and the custom fields will be included automatically.

Import wizard for custom data formats in .csv files

1.19 import wizard

To import custom fields successfully, Teamhood version 1.19 offers an import wizard. To activate the wizard, choose the view you want to import data to, click import, pick a .csv file, and the wizard will open automatically. Here you can check where the data will be imported, customize those options, and even specify what should not be included.

A bonus feature

Teamhood version 1.19 also includes one stealth feature that only the most curious users will find. So go ahead and see what we prepared for you!

More about Teamhood

Learn more about Teamhood in the previous release notes, check out the full feature list, or our YouTube channel for tutorials and best practices.

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