Teamhood version 1.20

The latest Teamhood version 1.20 is now live! Here are the exciting features it brings – multi-select and multi-action for items, limited collaborator role, external people can now send e-mails to boards, drag & drop files on item details to attach, and export Gantt view to PDF. Let’s see how these features look in action.

Multi-select and Multi-action for items


The biggest novelty in Teamhood version 1.20 comes in the ability to select multiple items on your task board and apply mass actions. This means you can now select several items on your board and apply certain actions to all of them at once. Allowing you to save time and manage the task board that much quicker.

Teamhood version 1.20

To do so, hover over the work items you want to select and tick the box that appears in the upper right corner. As you select one or more items, a new menu will appear at the top of your window. Here you can pick from several actions to apply to the selected work items:

Limited Collaborator role

teamhood version 1.20 limited collaborator 1

We have reviewed the Teamhood role system based on your feedback and implemented some changes to improve the user experience. Workspace Admin role was merged with the role of Workspace Manager and a new role of Limited Collaborator was introduced for more flexibility.

The Limited Collaborator role available from Teamhood version 1.20 allows the user to only edit work items assigned to them. This way, the user has full access to manage their work and report on progress, but cannot modify items that are not assigned to them. You can find all of the user roles in the workspace settings.

The ability for external people to send emails to boards

teamhood version 1.20

Teamhood version 1.20 allows you to use task boards with even more people. Navigate to the workspace settings and enable the feature ‘Allow anyone to send emails to boards’. After doing so, even non-Teamhood users will be able to create new items on your task boards by sending an email. Copy the board mailbox, share it whit anyone and they will be able to create new items right in your Teamhood task board. It is that simple!

Drag and drop to attach files

teamhood version 1.20

Easily attach files to work item details with Teamhood version 1.20. From now on, all you have to do, is drag and drop the file onto the work item details and it will be attached to the chosen work item. Making the process faster and smoother for you.

Export Gantt to PDF

teamhood version 1.20

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.20 allows you to export the Gantt chart into a PDF file. Allowing for easier information sharing amongst your colleagues and outside stakeholders. To try out this feature, open the task board settings, click on ‘Export’, and then on ‘PDF’. Here you will be able to choose which view you to export – List or Gantt, and specify which date range, assignees, and work item fields you want to be visible. Modify this prompt for the information needed and export your PDF file immediately.

Bug fixes and smaller improvements

We at Teamhood are always working towards improving your experience and satisfaction of using Teamhood. Thus each new version includes various bug fixes and improvements to make the project management efforts easier.

Find out more about the previous versions in the release notes or review the feature page to know what Teamhood can offer.

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