Teamhood Version 1.2

E-mail notifications, import and export of tasks into board rows, progress percentages for each row and small bug fixes.

E-mail notifications

Teamhood user settings

Get notified of any changes that happen with your tasks – Teamhood version 1.2 comes with long awaited e-mail notifications. Now you can stay on top of your tasks in Teamhood and in your inbox.

To enable notifications, press your personal icon in the upper right corner and choose User settings. Here you will see your name and will be able to opt in or out of the e-mail notifications. Enable them if you like to be notified of evenrything or are going away, but still need to track the process and disable if you prefer tracking tasks on Teamhood alone.

Import and export tasks from a specific row

Teamhood row level export import

Moving large amount of tasks can seem like a pain, but with improved import and export features in Teamhood version 1.2 you will sail though this daunting task. Now you can import and export tasks not only to the board, but also to a specific row. Which makes it even easier to move large amount of tasks around when you need to. Simply open the row settings and you will be able to import or export the tasks in that row in a CSV format.

Progress indicators for each row

Teamhood board row percentages

With Teamhood version 1.2 it is even easier to understand what progress your team has made so far. Each row displays a percentage and a progress bar visualizing how many tasks have been completed by the team. This is a great way to overview the progress done in separate areas and understand what is going according to plan and what may possibly be late.

If you are using rows to separate teams, departments or projects, this can be a great insight on how each separate entity is doing. Enjoy more clarity with Teamhood.

Bug fixes and small improvements

Here at Teamhood we are dedicated to provide you with the best user experience possible. Thus each of our releases includes a number of bug fixes and small improvements that make Teamhood just a little bit better.

More on Teamhood

Feel like you still do not know all of Teamhood possibilities? Here is a short video outlining the main features – give it a look and you will become a project management expert in no time.

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