Teamhood Version 1.21

The newest Teamhood version is now live! Open your workspace to see – Side menu facelift, Board archive, Limited data viewing and child item actions for a limited collaborator, and a new Zapier action to complete items. Continue reading to find out more about the Teamhood version 1.21 features.

Side menu facelift

teamhood version 1.21

Teamhood version 1.21 comes in with a substantial improvement in the case of the side menu. Now it is easier to navigate and less bulky. You can switch between workspaces and boards even when the side menu is collapsed. Simply choose the needed workspace and board from the list and continue working seamlessly.

Those that like the expanded side menu, can open the full view at the bottom left corner.

Board archive

teamhood version 1.21

Teamhood version 1.21 allows you to archive the whole board. Simply open the pop-up menu next to the board name and click ‘Archive’. Your whole board will be archived immediately letting you end projects and quickly clean up your workspace.

Limited data viewing and child item actions

Teamhood version 1.21

Starting with the Teamhood version 1.21, the Limited collaborator role comes in with certain improvements. From now on, the person assigned this role will only be able to see the data related to tasks that are assigned to them. They will also have limited child item actions, meaning they can update the task status, but cannot delete items.

Use this role when you want to collaborate on a project, but not share data or give too much power.

Zapier action to complete items

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.21 allows you to use the Zapier integrations to do even more. Now you can both create new items and complete items through various integrations. Allowing even more flexibility on how you use your Teamhood task board. Find the full integrations list.

Learn more about the Teamhood features or review previous release notes to see what you might have missed.

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