Teamhood version 1.22

Teamhood version 1.22 is now live. Here are all the new features you will find after opening your refreshed task board – Notification grouping, New work item fields, and Quarterly mode for Gantt export. Continue on reading to find out more.

Notifications grouping

teamhood version 1.22

The biggest change you will see in Teamhood version 1.22 is notifications grouping. Now all notifications related to the same work item will be grouped together. Making it easier to navigate the notifications bar and find what you are looking for.

You can open groups to see all notifications separately and then close them up so that only the latest notification shows in the list. Now, if many changes are made to the same item, your notification bar will not be flooded.

New work item fields

teamhood version 1.22

With Teamhood version 1.22 you can now add two new work item fields to List and Gantt views. The date created will show you when each item was first created in Teamhood. The item age will let you know how long each item has been on your team’s board. Use these two new fields to add more accuracy to the List and Gantt views and better prioritize items that have become stale.

Quarterly mode for Gantt export

teamhood version 1.22

For those of you actively using the Gantt view, Teamhood version 1.22 brings in the quarterly mode export. Now, when exporting Gantt view into a PDF file, you can choose between daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly modes. Thus, visualizing information in the most convenient manner and fitting the report to what it will be used for. By choosing the appropriate mode, your reports will improve in accurasy and effectiveness.

Bug fixes and technical improvements

Teamhood version 1.22 comes in with a variety of smaller technical improvements to help smooth your experience using our tool.

Wondering what’s next? Learn more about the previous releases or open your Teamhood workspace to try out the new features!

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