Teamhood version 1.24

Teamhood version 1.24 is now live! Open your task board to try – Dependency icons for Kanban, Gantt, and List views, My agenda widget, Teamhood interface in German and Lithuanian languages, and Gantt UX improvements.

Dependency icons for Kanban, Gantt, and List views

teamhood version 1.24

Teamhood version 1.24 allows you to easily see and manage dependencies across all views – Kanban, Gantt, and List.

Kanban view

teamhood version 1.24

In the Kanban view, you can easily spot all item dependencies on the item card. The red blocking sign means this item is blocking another item and the yellow waiting sign means this item is waiting on another item to be finished. You can see the item number on the board, or navigate to it by opening item details.

List and Gantt views

teamhood version 1.24

To see dependencies in List and Gantt views, you will need to add the dependency field manually. Simply navigate to the plus sign on the left and pick the dependency field from the list. Just like in the Kanban view, you will see if an item is blocking or waiting on another item and will be able to modify these dependencies right there.

My agenda widget

teamhood version 1.24

Quickly check how many tasks you have scheduled for today. The new My agenda widget in Teamhood version 1.24 allows you to see how many tasks you have to finish up today without leaving your task board view. If you want to see which tasks are scheduled for today, simply click on the widget and you will be navigated to the My agenda view.

Teamhood in German and Lithuanian languages

teamhood version 1.24

Starting with Teamhood version 1.24, we have added a translation into two more languages. In the user settings, you can now choose to see Teamhood in English, German, or Lithuanian. So pick the language you like working in the most and enjoy it in Teamhood.

Gantt UX improvements

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.24 comes in with UX improvements for the Gantt view. Making your work even smoother than before.

Learn more about the previous Teamhood release notes or open your workspace to try out the new features for yourself!

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