Teamhood version 1.25

Teamhood version 1.25 is now live! Open your task board to try – Teamhood notifications in Slack, Import from MS Project, Quarterly mode in Gantt view, Assignments in item templates, and a Workspace feature that enables parent item in auto-scheduling.

Teamhood notifications in Slack

teamhood version 1.25

Instantly get all of your Teamhood notifications in Slack! With Teamhood version 1.25 you can choose to get all of your notifications with more convenience. Integrate Slack and you will be notified of any changes made in Teamhood. No more need to check the board or your e-mail, see what progress is being made right where you communicate with your team.

Import from MS Project

teamhood version 1.25

Have some colleagues or partners working in Microsoft Project? Or maybe you want to switch project management tools? Easily import your work from MS Project to continue working seamlessly. First, export your tasks from Microsoft Project. Then, chose the Teamhood task board and import the chosen items using the Import wizard.

Quarterly mode in Gantt view

teamhood version 1.25

With Teamhood version 1.25 it is now even easier to set and review long-term plans. The Gantt view can now be viewed in daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly modes. Easily switch between these options to see the level of detail you need in all situations.

Assignments in item templates

Preassigned templates

Another new feature you will see in Teamhood version 1.25 is item templates with saved assignments. If you choose to save a work item as a template, it will see who is that work item assigned to. Then, once you create a new work item using that template, the new work item will be automatically assigned to the same person. Saving you valuable time.

If you do not wish for a template to automatically assign a team member to new work items, simply remove the assignment from the original work item before saving it as a template.

Rescheduling parent items (Workspace feature)

teamhood version 1.25

Lastly, starting with Teamhood version 1.25 you can now choose to automatically adjust the parent item schedule if the child item schedule changes. This will ease planning for those working with child items and give a better estimate on project completion.

Learn more about the previous Teamhood release notes or open your workspace to try out the new features for yourself!

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