Teamhood version 1.26

Teamhood version 1.26 is now live! Open your workspace to see – a new Board and View settings layout, a new login experience, and an improvement that allows to continue showing newly added items when a filter is active.

New Board and View settings panel

teamhood version 1.26

With Teamhood version 1.26 it has become much easier to manage your Board and View settings. Click on the settings icon to see the new and improved menu. Here you can quickly adjust the name, the default view (Kanban, Gantt, or List), the estimation units, and task grouping (by row or by user).

You will also be able to import and export items, perform various actions like sharing or cloning the board, or customizing the workflow with additional statuses and rows.

New Login experience

teamhood version 1.26

Login to your Teamhood workspace even faster. With the new login experience, you will get to the task board without a hitch. Simply enter your data and begin the workday anywhere you are.

New items shown with an active filter

teamhood filter

Starting with Teamhood version 1.26 new items will be shown on your task board even when a filter is already active. This way, you will not have to worry about missing important new additions to your task board. Stay on top of your work as well as the latest additions.

Bug fixes and improvements

We are always working on making Teamhood better, thus this new version includes various small bug fixes and improvements along with the big features. Learn more about what Teamhood can do on the features page, or visit the knowledge base to get more familiar.

Need help with using Teamhood? Visit our Youtube page for handy tutorials!

Have any suggestions on what we should include next? Suggest your ideas.

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