Teamhood version 1.27

Teamhood version 1.27 is now live! With it, we present the Hourly rate feature to help you convert tracked time into project cost (available for Premium and Enterprise users) and Dashboards with predesigned widgets.

Hourly Rate

teamhood version 1.27

The newest Teamhood version comes in with a long-awaited feature – the Hourly Rate. From now on, you can specify the hourly rate for every member on your team and use the tracked time to see the overall cost of the project, as well as the compensation due. The users with the Admin role will find this new feature in the Team tab on the Workspace settings.

There, they can quickly assign hourly rates for each person on the team. Either by choosing a predefined rate from the drop-down menu or by entering a custom value of your own.

teamhood version 1.27

Once the hourly rate is set, the Admin users will be able to see an additional section called ‘Cost’ in the Timesheet report. This Number is calculated by multiplying the tracked hours on each task and the hourly rate. Showing the sum cost at the bottom. For ease of use, you can view this report by user, tag, month, week, or board row. Showing you the total cost based on different criteria.

Dashboards with Predesigned Widgets

teamhood version 1.27

With Teamhood 1.27 creating your personal dashboard becomes easier. Now when adding a new dashboard, you can choose to ‘Add standard widgets’. By choosing this option, Teamhood will create a dashboard that is already filled with the most commonly used widgets – Items progress, Estimation progress, Budget progress, Blocked items, Items already due, and Items due this week.

You can easily modify this dashboard by adding or removing widgets to create the best representation of your project.

Bug fixes and improvements

The Teamhood version1.27 comes in with various bug fixes and performance improvements to make your experience smoother. Need help with using Teamhood? Visit our Youtube page for handy tutorials!

Have any suggestions on what we should include next? Suggest your ideas.

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