Teamhood version 1.28

The colors have arrived! You asked and we delivered – Teamhood version 1.28 is now live with a new 18 color palette. On top of this, we updated the item card design seen in the Kanban view and reworked the dependency management in work item details. Learn more about all of the new features below.


teamhood version 1.28

Teamhood version 1.28 comes in with a new 18 color palette. This means you can now color-code your tasks and task boards to the full extreme. Quickly set the colors you need and continue working with more clarity.

Updated item card design

teamhood version 1.28

Another improvement in Teamhood version 1.28 comes from the item card design in Kanban view. Featuring a sleeker design that allows you to focus on the most important details and does not clutter the task board. See everything you need at first glance – name, assignee, deadline, estimates, dependencies, and child items.

New dependency management interface

dependency management

Lastly, with Teamhood version 1.28 it is now easier than ever before to set item dependencies. Open the task details to see the new interface that clearly separates which items the task is waiting on and which it is blocking. With such a separation you will be able to quickly and easily set even the most complicated dependencies and track them for your team.

Bug fixes and small improvements

Besides the main features, Teamhood version 1.28 comes in with other small improvements and bug fixes to ensure the best project management experience for you. Learn what else Teamhood can do in the previous release notes or check out how it compares to other Kanban tools.

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