Teamhood version 1.29

Teamhood version 1.29 has just been released! Open your workspace for – Image preview in item details, the ability to change avatar colors, new custom field type, numeric custom fields in Dashboard widgets, and the ability to share a specific view mode.

Image preview in Item details

teamhood version 1.29

With Teamhood version 1.29 you can now preview images in item details. No more guessing which file is the one you need. Now you will see the image preview immediately after opening a task. Pick what you are looking for and continue working without any holdups.

Custom avatar colors

teamhood version 1.29

We have recently added new colours into the Teamhood palette and with the latest release, you can put them into further use. By opening personal settings, you can pick and choose any of the new colours as your avatar colour. Customize to your favorite and ensure the team task board is easily readable.

New custom field type

teamhood version 1.29

Custom fields are a great way to personalize item details and store important information. With Teamhood version 1.29 we are introducing a new custom field type – a dropdown field.

teamhood version 1.29

The field can be added in the workspace settings. Here, you will have to enter the field name and specify what options team members can choose from. Each of the options is assigned a different color so that it is easier to pick and review data.

Review numeric custom fields in Dashboard

teamhood version 1.29

With the Teamhood version 1.29, the Dashboard has become even more customizable. Now you can analyse data from custom numeric fields. When choosing to add a progress or sum widget, pick your custom numeric field as a variant and easily track progress in the live Dashboard.

Choose which view to share

teamhood version 1.29 shareable views

Teamhood version 1.29 comes with improved view sharing. Now you can pick which view – List, Kanban, or Gantt to share with the third parties. Thus, giving you more flexibility in data visualisation and collaboration.

Minor bug fixes and improvements

The latest release also includes minor bug fixes and improvements to ensure the best user experience. Learn more about the previous releases in the release notes or review all of the Teamhood features.

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