Teamhood version 1.30

Teamhood version 1.30 has just been released bringing you new and exciting features – the ability to configure which fields are shown on Kanban cards, including the tracked time of archived items into the Time Sheet report, Comment editing, and including tags in the items API response. Learn more below!

Kanban card field configuration

teamhood version 1.30

Starting with Teamhood version 1.30 you can now choose which fields will be shown on the Kanban cards. Pick which information is important for your team and make sure it is always ready for you.

You can choose to see – Schedule, Estimate, Budget, Dependencies, Creator, Create date, Item age, and any of the custom fields you have configured for the workspace!

Archived items in Time Sheet reports

teamhood version 1.30

The newest Teamhood version brings forward a Time Sheet report improvement – including archived items. Now all time counts no matter if you already archived a certain item, or not. All of the tracked time is included in the Time sheet report.

Comment editing

teamhood version 1.30

Another big change coming with Teamhood version 1.30 is comment editing. Misspelled or missed something? Now you can go back any time and edit to make sure your team has all the right information.

Include tags in items API response

Lastly, with the latest release, you can include even more information for the API. Tags can now be added to the items API response.

Looking to learn more about Teamhood? Check out the previous Release notes to see if you missed anything or visit the Features page for the full list of our features.

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