Teamhood version 1.31

Teamhood version 1.31 brings you a new look for notifications, additional view modes for Timeline and Workload, an update for Timeline, Workload, and Gantt, and recent choices for Tags and Users. Learn more about all the changes below!

New Notifications Center

teamhood version 1.31

With Teamhood version 1.31 we have released a completely new look for your notifications. Now, all of them are arranged into three categories – Comments, Important, and All notifications.

New view modes for Timeline and Workload

teamhood version 1.31

Managing your Timeline and Workload views has just become easier. Now you can easily pick the scale at which you would like to see the tasks – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly. Switch between the views to get the information you need with minimal effort.

Updated Timeline, Workload, and Gantt views

teamhood version 1.31

Teamhood version 1.31 also comes with visual updates to the Timeline, Workload, and Gantt views. Putting the main focus on tasks and their duration, while displaying additional information neatly. All of the views have a unified design, making it easier to navigate and understand.

Recent choices for Tags and Users

teamhood version 1.31

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.31 has become more intuitive. Now you will see recently used tags and users at the top of the dropdown menu. Making it easier to find the one you are looking for and allowing you to continue working seamlessly.

Looking to learn more about Teamhood? Check out the previous Release notes to see if you missed anything or visit the Features page for the full list of our features.

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