Teamhood version 1.3

Recurring tasks, workload view and personal task management template

Recurring Tasks

Teamhood version 1.3 brings recurring tasks for easier work planning and management. From now on you can set a task to be repeated in various occurrence levels – daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

To do this open the task details and chose ‘Set Recurrence’ next to the schedule. In the new window, you can set daily, weekly, monthly recurrence with additional details. See more details in the pictures below.

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Workload view

Teamhood version 1.3 comes with a new Workload view that allows you to easily review and plan items for everyone on your team. Here you will find tasks from all boards visualized on a Timeline and sorted by team members. Thus, you can see the full workload for each team member and dependencies between all tasks, no matter the board. Giving you a better understanding of the full picture and how to move forward.

Moreover, each row displays the total number of hours planned for each team member by day and by week. Allowing you to not only plan the work, but to also make sure it gets done. If any team member has more than 8 hours of work planned per day or more than 40 hours of work planned per week, the numbers will turn red, indicating there might be an issue with a timely delivery.

Teamhood version 1.3

New Workspace Template for Personal Tasks

Need to have more control over your personal tasks? Teamhood version 1.3 has got you covered with the newest Personal Tasks template. Easily sort and identify the most important tasks separating them by value and urgency. Rows are dedicated to separate high, medium and low value tasks. While columns will help you define which of them are urgent and which can wait. Start with the urgent high value tasks first and then move down the line to always place your efforts on the most important work.

teamhood personal tasks

Board performance improvements and bug fixes

Teamhood version 1.3 brings significant board performance improvements to ensure you a seamless project management experience. Just like in the previous versions, it also caries various small bug fixes for better performance.

More about Teamhood

To learn more about Teamhood, visit our Features page. Here you will find all of the Teamhood functionalities and suggestions how to best use Teamhood for your project success. You can also check out our Youtube account for short videos and introductions on how to utilize our tool.

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