Teamhood version 1.32

Teamhood version 1.32 is now live! With it, we are introducing a completely revamped Homepage, the ability to add Guest Users, detailed Notification settings, the ability to delete Deactivated users, and the option to Filter by item creator. Continue reading for more information on each update.

Home Page Version 2

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The biggest change in Teamhood version 1.32 comes in the form of the Homepage. Now, upon opening your Teamhood workspace you will be welcomed by a completely new view that outlines the most important information at one glance.

Quickly check on:

  1. The latest comments related to your tasks.
  2. Your agenda for today as well as any overdue items you still have to finish.
  3. And navigate between your workspaces to quickly access the one you need.

The new Teamhood Homepage is your one place to see what is going on and where your attention is needed.

Guest Users

teamhood version 1.32

Another big change with Teamhood version 1.32 is Guest users. Now, you can add additional users to your workspace for specific projects or project phases. There is no more need to have a full license for such project participants. Instead, add them as your Guest users and deactivate their access once the collaboration is finished.

Depending on your subscription plan, you will get a limited amount of guest user accounts. It’s 5 for Professional plan subscribers, 10 for Premium plan, and 20 for the Enterprise plan.

Detailed Notifications Settings

teamhood version 1.32

Take even more control of your notifications. Teamhood version 1.32 brings a renewed notifications menu that allows you to specify which notifications and on which channels you would like to get.

The new notification setting menu can be found right in your notifications box on the upper left corner in Teamhood.

Deleting Deactivated Users

teamhood version 1.32

Most teams have a tendency to change from time to time and as such, some team members leave, while new ones come along. To help you manage such changes, Teamhood version 1.32 allows you to not only deactivate users that no longer work in the team, but also delete their accounts entirely. Freeing up the space for new people. You will find this setting in the ‘Users and Licensing’ panel.

Filtering by Item Creator

teamhood version 1.32

Lastly, with Teamhood version 1.32 you can now filter items by their creators. Meaning you can filter out all the items on your task board that were created by a specific person. Making it easier to find what is needed more quickly.

Looking to learn more about Teamhood? Check out the previous Release notes to see if you missed anything or visit the Features page for the full list of our features.

Have ideas for new features? Let us know!
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