Teamhood version 1.33

Teamhood version 1.33 has just been released! Here are the new features you will find – Item hierarchy management by drag & drop in Gantt and List views, Custom field editing directly in Gantt and List views, and Item highlighting in Kanban view. Continue on reading to learn more.

Item hierarchy management by drag & drop

teamhood version 1.33

Teamhood version 1.33 comes in with a new way to manage item hierarchy – now you can do so right in the Gantt and List views. Simply drag and drop items to add or remove parent-child relationships. Here is how to do it!

To make a parent item into a child item – drag it onto the item you want to be the parent.

To turn a child item into the parent item – drag this child item next to other parent items on the list or simply the very top of your list.

Custom field editing in Gantt and List views

teamhood version 1.33

Another improvement you will find in Teamhood version 1.33 is custom field editing. Now you can edit these fields directly in the Gantt and List views without opening item details. To do so, simply make sure the desired field is displayed in the view and click on it to change the values.

This nifty little improvement will make Gantt and List views even more useful.

Item highlight in Kanban view

teamhood version 1.33

Last, but not least new feature you will see in Teamhood version 1.33 is item highlight in Kanban view. From now on, after you close item details the item in question will be highlighted on your task board. The highlight of work items is two-fold. The items are highlighted with a blue color and the board view is moved so that you are able to see the item in question on your screen after closing the item details.

This is especially useful for those working on multiple boards and workspaces. After navigating to a new task board from a comment or a link, you will see exactly where that task is placed without having to locate it.

Looking to learn more about Teamhood? Check out the previous Release notes to see if you missed anything or visit the Features page for the full list of our features.

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