Teamhood Version 1.34

Teamhood version 1.34 has just been released! Here are the new features you will find – Renewed quick actions on the Kanban card, grouping work items by Tags, automatic scroll to item start date in Gantt view, and item color changes through the multi-action bar. Here is more info on each of the features!

Quick actions for Kanban card

teamhood version 1.34

Teamhood version 1.34 brings new functionality to the Kanban cards. From now on, they are equipped with 6 quick actions that you can perform without opening task details. Easily change the most important information and continue on working with little interruption with these quick actions:

  1. Set schedule
  2. Add tags
  3. Add subtasks
  4. Change task color
  5. Assign a team member
  6. Complete the task – now located in the bottom left corner of the Kanban card.

Grouping by Tag

group by tag

Another improvement you will find in Teamhood version 1.34 is the ability to group work items by Tags. This functionality is available in Timeline, Workload, and Kanban views. Allowing you to easily group all of the work items based on the tags assigned to them.

If a work item has multiple tags, it will be represented in each grouping.

Scroll to start date – Gantt view

scroll to start date

With Teamhood version 1.34 you will also see an improved Gantt view. For each work item, that has a set schedule, you will see an arrow on the Gantt chart. By clicking on that arrow, the view will automatically scroll to that item’s start date.

The direction of the arrow will change depending on whether the start date is in the past or the future from your current view. Making it easier to navigate the Gantt view.

Color change with Multi-action bar

teamhood version 1.34

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.34 allows you to change work item colors in bulk. Choose all of the affected items and set the new color with one click. Color-coding your projects is now easier than ever.

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or review previous release notes to see what you might have missed.

Have ideas for new features? Let us know!

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