Teamhood version 1.35

The latest Teamhood version 1.35 brings you a renewed Time tracker, Item duration and Item ID fields, New work progress % calculation in Gantt, and Visible due dates for child items on Kanban cards. Continue on reading for more information or open your taskboard to explore the features on your own!

Time tracker V2

teamhood version 1.35

The biggest improvement in Teamhood version 1.35 comes in the renewed Time tracker. You can still track and log time just as you did before, however, we renewed the look and the location of the tracker in item details.

Right now, the tracker is located at the top of the item details. You will find it next to schedule, estimation, and budget. Simply press play and pause to track the time live. Or click on the tracker icon to add the time details manually. You can choose from several quick presets, or add custom time for a specific date.

Just like before, all of the tracked time logs can be found in the Time sheet report.

New field – Item duration

teamhood version 1.35

Another big improvement you will see in Teamhood version 1.35 is a new field – Item duration. This is a default field, that you can add to all of your views – List, Kanban, and Gantt.

This new field works very nicely in combination with the schedule. Letting you know not only when each task is supposed to be finished, but also how long will it will be worked on.

Renewed work progress % calculation in Gantt

teamhood version 1.35

From now, Teamhood will use task duration to calculate work progress percentage in Gantt view. Meaning you will get more accurate calculations and a better understanding of how far along your project has progressed.

Child item due dates on Kanban card

teamhood version 1.35

With the Teamhood version 1.35, you will be able to see even more important information on the Kanban card. From now on, it will show the due dates of both – the work item and its subtasks.

Now you can use the Kanban view to quickly see which of your tasks and subtasks are scheduled for today and continue working without interruptions.

New default field – Item ID

teamhood version 1.35

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.35 brings anther new field for List, Kanban, and Gantt views – Item ID. Choose whether to switch this field on or off for your projects and easily keep all of the key information in view.

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or review previous release notes to see what you might have missed.

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