Teamhood version 1.37

Teamhood version 1.37 is now live with Multiple item assignees, Completion progress field (Gantt view), New show/hide settings, and Child item value sums in Gantt/List views. Continue on reading to learn more or open your workspace to explore the new features for yourself.

Multiple item assignees

teamhood version 1.37

The biggest change in Teamhood version 1.37 is the ability to add multiple assignees to a single work item. Now you will be able to track the work division even more accurately and visualize team collaboration on each work item.

Completion progress field (Gantt view)

teamhood version 1.37

Another big change in the latest Teamhood release is that the completion progress will now be a default field in the Gantt view. Allowing you to keep a closer eye on the project progress at all times.

Show / Hide settings for all views

teamhood version 1.37

To make sure you only see the important information, Teamhood version 1.37 comes with a Show/Hide menu. You will be able to pick and choose what you want to see individually in each of your views. Choose to show or hide empty rows, completed items, child items, and sum child values (List and Gantt).

Child item value sums (List and Gantt)

teamhood version 1.37
hood vers

Lastly, Teamhood version 1.37 delivers a sum feature for child items in List and Gantt views. From now on, Teamhood will automatically show child item value sums on the parent item. So, you can simply set the values for the child items and get an automatic calculation for the parent.

Note, that this works only if the parent does not already have a defined value for that field. If it does, simply delete the value and you will get the calculation.

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or review previous release notes to see what you might have missed.

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