Teamhood version 1.39

Teamhood version 1.39 is now live! Here are the new features for you to explore – Baseline in Gantt view, Undo actions (beta), Select all filtered items, and Autofocus cloned items in Kanban. Continue reading to learn more about each feature.

Baseline in Gantt view

teamhood version 1.39

Teamhood version 1.39 brings more accuracy to the Gantt view with Baseline. Use it to capture a baseline for your project plan which you have agreed upon with your client. Later compare this baseline versus the actual status and identify the discrepancies if something went differently than it was planned.

Keep in mind, that only one Baseline can be saved at a time. So if you choose to recapture the Baseline, the previous version will be overwritten with the latest situation information.

Undo actions (Beta)

teamhood version 1.39

Another improvement coming to the Teamhood version 1.39 is the ability to undo common actions. This feature is currently in the Beta version and supports the most popular Teamhood actions:

More actions will be coming soon.

Select all filtered items

teamhood version 1.39

With the latest Teamhood release, you are also now able to select all the filtered items with one click. Making it easy to filter out the right items on your board and then move them or complete other multi-actions quickly.

To do so, filter the items you need and then choose ‘Select filtered’ to continue with the multi-actions. Once you are done, press on ‘Dismiss’.

Autofocus cloned items in Kanban view

teamhood version 1.39

Lastly, starting with Teamhood version 1.39 it becomes easier to spot the cloned items in the Kanban view. As they will now be autofocused or highlighted for your convenience. This makes it easier to find in them in busy task boards and continue on working smoothly.

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or review previous release notes to see what you might have missed. Or if you have ideas for what features we should add to Teamhood, follow the link below.

Have ideas for new features? Let us know!
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